The Magicians Season 6 Release Date Status Updates: Will There Be a New Season?

The Magicians is a critically acclaimed favorite on Netflix, and many fans want to know everything they can about season 6 information right away! Since the Syfy channel premiered the show in December 2015 based on the novel by Lev Grossman published in 2009, the show has been a force to be reckoned with among those who appreciate fantasy television.

As the story unfolds, the viewers are introduced to a world where a group of students are selected for a secretive academy to learn actual magic, which introduces them to a world full of dangers they would never have imagined in their wildest dreams.

There has been a great deal of success for every season of the show, even garnering impressive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Each mystical episode provided subscribers with an adventurous experience from start to finish, especially for those who binge-watch the series on Netflix, reliving all of the best moments from the Syfy series.

There is so much to love about this show, from its magnetic cast to its cliffhangers and everything in between. It’s no wonder fans are interested in knowing more about The Magicians Season 6. Here is everything you need to know about this fan-favorite fantasy series, The Magicians Season 6.

There Are How Many Seasons Of The Magicians?

The Magicians is available for streaming on Netflix for five seasons. There are 65 well-written and well-crafted entries, ranging in length from 41-52 minutes, available for streaming now.Co-creator Sera Gamble told TVInsider that the intriguing story fans loved for so long still has a lot of potential to continue.

“The world was so real that I’m not going to lie, we could go off and tell lots of stories about these characters.”

There is no doubt that fans of the extremely successful Syfy series, which is available on Netflix, would not be let down by more episodes, a spin-off, or even a feature film that tells more exciting stories based on the magical world of The Magicians.

Will There Be The Magicians Season 6?

The Magicians season 6 is not currently in the works. After the show was canceled, Syfy issued a statement thanking the talented crew, creators, cast, writers, and everyone else who contributed to the series. The statement stated: “Your magic will never be forgotten.”

That magic exists for fans, and they will always wish for more episodes regardless of what happens. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for The Magicians season 6, but it was inevitable, as co-creator John McNamara explained to TVInsider during their interview.

“It played out kind of the way it’s played out almost every season. With the exception of season four into season five, we never knew whether or not we were going to get picked up. It was always a discussion—never really about the creative—about the financials and you always know, with any show, that there’s this kind of fine line between what it brings in and what it costs.”

It is believed that the cost of production for Magicians Season 6 led to the series being axed.

What Number of Episodes Can be Expected in The Magicians Season 6?

In every season of The Magicians, there were 13 episodes. if there were to be the sixth season, there would likely be fewer episodes. Apparently, budget costs were one of the reasons for Syfy’s cancellation of the series, as revealed in Gamble’s comments to TVInsider.

“As the creators of the show, we understand that. We had the sense going into this season that Syfy, in particular as our first platform, was kind of hitting the point of, ‘The cup is full and there’s no more room. It’s not going to necessarily expand in terms of revenue, it’s not necessarily going to contract in terms of revenue, but it is going to cost more.”

If the show ever gets a much-deserved sixth run or a revival of some kind, it wouldn’t be shocking to get on another impressive run. Though this is nothing more than speculation and wishful thinking, it is always entertaining to imagine “what if,” especially when it involves The Magicians.

When Does The Magicians Season 6 Begin Filming?

If the order ever comes, it is impossible to determine when the producer will shoot The Magicians Season 6, but it is good to know that another filming is in the works. In an interview with EW, McNamara explained where everyone’s thoughts were on the series’ future.

“I know [co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers], [executive producer] Sera Gamble, [executive producer] David Reed, and I were really starting to get excited as we mapped out the broad strokes of what a season 6 should be. It was interesting.”

In the past several years, there have been a lot of reboots, revivals, and comebacks, and The Magicians season 6 is just as likely to receive one of these Hollywood welcome back tickets that every fan of the series hopes for. There is no guarantee another outing will happen, but the relief is knowing every previous installment is available right now on Netflix!

Does Netflix Have a Chance of Saving The Magicians?

There have been instances when the streaming giant has resurrected a program from oblivion, giving it new life. After one edition of Designated Survivors on Netflix, the series faded away, but Lucifer rose to become a highly talked-about and watched series on the streaming service. Netflix could possibly make The Magicians season 6 a reality someday. The show’s popularity and fans will be relieved to hear that. And if a call for The Magicians Season 6 comes in the nearest future, McNamara stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly there is a plan in place.

“We have a document that may someday be available on eBay that is the arc of season 6. I mean, you have to be just optimistic enough to be ready in case someone writes you a big check to produce a season on television.”

Manifest, Hannibal, and The Magicians are some of the shows fans want Netflix to bring back. The streaming powerhouse can’t save them all, and the future of The Magicians saga will have to be in the air till further notice.

We will let everyone know what happens with The Magician’s season 6 as soon as they become available. Be sure to follow us for the latest information.