The Marked Heart Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?

Pálpito, also known as The Marked Heart, is now available to watch on Netflix. The entire season was quickly binge-watched after its release on April 20. As a result, many are asking if there will be another season. Below, we’ve outlined all we know about a possible second season of The Marked Heart.

Leonardo Padrón is the creator and author of the Columbian thriller series The Marked Heart. The series was directed by Camilo Vega and produced by CMO Producciones. The story revolves around Simón, a man on a mission to find the people responsible for the death of his wife and the trafficking of her organs.

Valeria Emiliani and Moisés Arizmendi co-star with Michel Brown and Ana Luca Dominguez in this suspenseful thriller. When it came to the plot twists and turns, viewers kept guessing. And when it was all over, they were left with an unsatisfied urge for more. So, will there be a second season of The Marked Heart? Below, we’ve compiled all the information we have about a possible sequel!

How Many Seasons Of The Marked Heart Are There?

The new original series has only one season, which you can watch on Netflix right now. There are 14 episodes in the first season, ranging in length from 38 minutes to 51 minutes.

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Will There Be The Marked Season 2

Netflix has yet to announce a season 2 renewal at the time of this writing (April 22). Considering that the episode premiered just two days ago, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Before making a judgment on the show’s future, Netflix will likely wait around a month. For the streamer, this will give them enough time to see how many people are watching. Netflix might allow a second season if the first one is well-received. Although there are other considerations, such as the cost of production, viewership is a major role in renewals.

There’s a lot more to the first season’s events than was previously revealed. So Netflix has the final say. Fingers crossed for the second season of the thriller!

The Marked Heart Season 2
The Marked Heart Season 2

The Marked Season 2 Release Date

Since the show hasn’t been renewed, there is no official release date for the second season of The Marked Heart. However, assuming the show is renewed shortly, the second season could begin airing in the early years of 2023. Original Netflix series often get new seasons every year. Season 2 will premiere in April 2023, which is a year after season 1. If the show isn’t renewed by this summer, it won’t air until early in 2023. Filming and post-production will take time. The first season of the show was produced quickly, but post-production took a lengthy time. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for all the latest on The Marked Heart season 2!

What Could Be The Plot Of The Marked Heart Season 2?

During the first season, Simón learns the truth about Camila’s identity. Meanwhile, Camila learns how Zacarias got the heart that’s currently beating inside her. Consequently, she tries to abandon her husband by creating a new identity, including a new name. Despite her feelings for Simón, Camila admits towards the end of the season that it is time to move on. After saying her final goodbyes to Simón and his two children, she sets out on her new journey. After all, Zacarias gets a video showing Camila in another location in the last minutes of the season.

Season 2 might use Zacaras’s reaction to Camila’s video as a starting point for some interesting storylines. No matter what Zacarias and his minions do, will it be enough to capture Camila? It also looks that Simón and Camila’s feelings aren’t completely sorted out. That said, even if it costs both parties a lot of money, they may be able to work things out in the end. There is no way to know any of this until the show returns for a second episode.

Who Could Star In Season 2?

Michel Brown, Ana Luca Domnguez, Sebastián Martnez, Margarita Muoz, Moisés Arizmendi, and Valeria Emiliani are among the show’s many stars. Most, if not all, of those performers, are likely to return for the second season of the television series. The first season has 14 episodes, and I expect the second to have a similar number of episodes.

The Marked Season 2 Cast

Michel Brown

Browarnik and Beiguel are the first and second family names in this Spanish surname.
An Argentine actor, musician, and television host, Misael Browarnik (better known as Michel Brown) were born on June 10, 1976.

Ana Lucía Dominguez

The first or father’s surname is Dominguez, and the second or mother’s surname is Tobón in this Spanish name. Colombian actress and model Ana Luca Dominguez Tobón (born December 2, 1983)

Sebastián Martínez

Sebastián Martnez (born January 7, 1983 in Medelln, Antioquia) is a Colombian actor.

Margarita Muñoz

Colombian model and actress Mara Margarita Muz Parra (September 18, 1987, in Pitalito, Huila, Colombia) has been in soap operas for networks such as Caracol TV, RCN, TV Azteca, and Televisa. For her beauty and international star power, she is considered one of the best young actors. The magazine TV y Novelas publishing group Televisa has named her as one of Colombian television’s most beautiful stars multiple times.

Other Members

  • Moisés Arizmendi. Mariachi.
  • Valeria Emiliani. Samantha.
  • Julián Cerati. Tomás.
  • Juan Fernando Sánchez. Sarmiento.

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The Marked Season 2 Trailer