The Members Of BTS Are Working On A New Project That Will Be Released “Soon”

The members of BTS are working on a new project that will be released “soon.” This is what Geffen Records, the American arm of the K-pop quintet, has been hinting at. Geffen Records, the American record label representing BTS, has teased that the K-pop group is working on new material “coming soon.”

The company’s Twitter account teased the seven-piece band’s impending project release. A simple “COMING SOON” was written, with a link to BTS’s American website. In the meantime, interested parties can sign up for email updates by clicking the connection while the page is updated.

Fans think that it has something to do with the group’s “Yet To Come in Busan” concert, which is set to take place on October 15 in honor of the 2030 World Expo, which is being held in Busan, South Korea this year. BTS recently revealed they would take an indefinite break to focus on individual projects. Thus this development follows suit.

The band members have since been pursuing solo careers, with recent examples including J-solo Hope’s album and Jungkook’s duet with Charlie Puth. Furthermore, it should be noted that two of the members were expected to release solo albums before the end of the year, as stated in financial reports released by HYBE Corporation.

Check out the tweet below, and keep reading for updates.

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