The RNC And The Nominee For Arizona Attorney General File A Lawsuit To Challenge The Certified Results, Citing “Errors And Inaccuracies”

After a prior legal challenge was rejected, Republicans in Arizona have launched a lawsuit once more, this time claiming that election officials’ incompetence affected the results of the midterm elections.

The Republican National Committee and Abraham Hamadeh, the Arizona Republican candidate for attorney general, filed a lawsuit on Friday against multiple election officials in Mohave County. This case was brought in response to a prior one that was dismissed on November 22 due to the judge’s argument that the election results had not yet been certified.

According to the Republicans, “no fraud, manipulation, or other purposeful wrongdoing that would cast doubt on the results of November 8, 2022, general election is being alleged by this case.”

Hamadeh was defeated by Democrat Kris Mayes by 511 votes, or a “margin of 0.02%,” according to the lawsuit, which claims that “errors and inaccuracies” occurred in places like Maricopa County.

The lawsuit stated, “The cumulative effect of these errors is important to the Arizona Attorney General contest, where after the first canvass the candidates are separated by just 511 votes out of more than 2.5 million ballots cast—a margin of two one-hundredths of one percent (0.02%)).”

On Friday, Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor, also submitted a 70-page lawsuit that included many of the same grievances. The lawsuit stated that Arizona was in the spotlight nationwide. Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, defeated Lake by just over 17,000 votes as well.

Hamadeh stated, “Today my campaign and the Republican National Committee filed an election contest case. The closest statewide election in Arizona history, with 511 votes out of 2.5 million casts, is currently undergoing a recount.

I entered this race because I recognize the value of the rule of law in a civilized society, he continued. “I beg your patience, Arizonans, throughout this period. The courts are the stewards of justice, and laws exist to provide it.”

Hamadeh further added: “We won’t be that shining city on a hill if we lose faith in our system. I am fighting this battle in the hopes of succeeding and ensuring that our elections once again inspire public faith. I’ll never give up the fight for you, Arizona.”

She stated that “Arizonans deserve fair and accurate election results.” “Election officials’ mistakes can cost candidates votes, and Abraham Hamadeh’s victory is narrowly within reach. proud to join his campaign in registering for this election.”
Hamadeh maintains that errors that affected the election’s outcome were caused by issues, such as those in Arizona’s Maricopa County.

Every elected person and the media would demand an investigation if a rural county experienced as many issues on election day as Maricopa County did, according to the Republican candidate. “It hurts me to say that Pima County, which is left-leaning, was more prepared and conducted a more competent election than Maricopa.”

Bill Gates, the supervisor of Maricopa County, acknowledged and apologized for the several polling places that had long-lasting issues on Election Day with the tabulation equipment failing to read ballots.

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