The Stray Kids Selected The Member Who Would Be The Best Boyfriend

The members of Stray Kids are doing even more to endear themselves to their fans by selecting the love song “CASE 143” as the title track for their debut album. Maybe you’ve been wondering which one would make the most loving partner.

The Japanese news station Fuji TV once asked the band members to pick out their ideal boyfriend from among themselves. One individual received the majority of votes.

Among the group’s members, Seungmin received the most votes and therefore became the leader. Then, Han revealed some insight into the type of partner Seungmin would be.

Han praised Seungmin for being “extremely serious” in whatever he does, despite the fact that Seungmin is known for his frequent jokes. Seungmin was the member Han proposed once again as a nice husband for the STAY when a fan wanted to marry Han but he couldn’t since he’d accepted too many other vows for marriage.

Some viewers of The 9th family sketch may now wish they were in Lee Know’s position.

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