The Trademark Application Filed By HYBE For The Borahae Phrase Created By BTS Was Denied

The Trademark Application Filed By HYBE For The “Borahae” Phrase Created By BTS Was Denied. However, HYBE’s attempt to trademark the letter “V” from BTS’s catchy “Borahae” phrase was denied by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).

V initially used the word at a 2016 BTS fan meet, which has since become widely used to refer to the band as a whole. A combination of the Korean phrases for “I love you” (saranghae) and “purple” (borasaek), the term was coined with the following meaning between BTS and their fandom in mind, as reported by Soompi: “Just like purple is the last color of the rainbow, I will trust and love you till the very end.”

According to Sports Kyunghang, the “principles of good faith” prevented the South Korean entertainment behemoth from trademarking the “Borahae” phrase. This is how Soompi translated the report.

According to a statement released by KIPO, V (his real name is Kim Tae-Hyung in the article) first used the word at a BTS fanmeet on November 13, 2016, making him the rightful owner of the trademark. However, as KIPO also noted, HYBE and V are not the same company, and instead, HYBE “shares a cooperation and employer-employee relationship with Kim Tae-Hyung.”

“The applicant [HYBE] is recognized to have applied for trademark rights notwithstanding their knowledge that it is a trademark used by V,” KIPO concluded. As early as June of 2021, HYBE sought to trademark the term “Borahae” for use in connection with the company’s products.

In September 2020, LALALEES, a Korean cosmetics company, filed a trademark application for the phrase to secure exclusive use of it. “Recognizes that attempts to utilize trademarks and obtain expression rights related to HYBE and its artists are a severe concern that continues to occur,” HYBE told South Korean outlet BLOTER at the time of the occurrence. We’re working hard to protect [these rights] against corporate monopolization.

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