Her entire childhood was spent competing in beauty pageants, thanks to her well-to-do Christian upbringing. A cycling coach who incorporates prayer into his sessions uses her father for inspiration. Moreover, in addition to being homophobic, he is a total autocrat. Shelby kisses her best friend Becca (Stefania LaVie Owen) as her father enters the bedroom to help her get ready for the next pageant she’ll be in. Using his ruse of phoning Becca’s parents, he coaxes her into confessing what had happened. Shelby denies her involvement in what happened and cuts off contact with Becca in order to keep her father happy. Shelby, meanwhile, learns that Becca committed suicide during the pageant she was helping her prepare for. As a result of what happened in the pageant, Shelby is still haunted by it.

Throughout their childhoods, Martha (Jenna Clause) and Toni (Erana James) have been best friends. When it comes to people and situations, Martha has a tendency to see the bright side. While Toni’s temper flares easily, she doesn’t get into a physical altercation when she’s upset. Martha’s home provides a safe haven for Toni, who has spent her entire life in and out of foster care. Dr. Ted, Martha’s former physical therapist, faces abuse allegations, and she is fiercely protective of her (Lewis Fitz-Gerald). Martha’s leg was injured in a trampoline accident when she was seven years old and she needed physical therapy. A conversation with Toni reveals that Martha’s mother revealed to Toni that she started wetting the bed after she started going to Dr. Ted. Martha is about to give testimony at a hearing about Dr. Ted’s behavior when this happens again. The exact words she uses to deny Dr. Ted’s behavior around her are never shown, but it’s clear she’s lying.

Anger issues are a recurring theme in Toni’s life leading up to the island (Bella Shepard). By throwing food at Regan’s car, she is enraged by her foster brother. Regan is accidentally struck by her as she tries to defend herself from a group of drunken thugs in a parking lot. After Regan dumped her, she trashes her ex’s car. Regan admires Toni’s enthusiasm, but she has a hard time dealing with her impulsiveness.

Before the plane crash, Rachel (Reign Edwards) and Nora (Helena Howard) had become estranged from one another. In her family, Rachel is an outcast. Even as a small child Nora was able to keep up with her academically minded parents with ease. Rachel becomes a competitive diver in an attempt to live up to the high expectations set by Nora. To keep her place on the team, Rachel develops an eating disorder after nearly being dropped by her coach for being overweight. No matter how hard Nora tries, she can’t convince Rachel that she doesn’t deserve her boyfriend’s love because she isn’t an Olympic athlete.

Quinn introduces himself to Nora while she is taking summer classes at a nearby college (Johnny Berchtold). They quickly become fast friends as he is an incoming freshman who is also socially awkward. Quinn proposes to Nora at the end of the season. While Rachel has a soft spot for him, both Nora and Nora’s mother has turned down his advances. When Nora reaches out to him again at the start of the school year, she learns from comments on his Instagram post that he died during a frat hazing. When she visits Devon Klein in jail, she tries to show him that the life he took had value. Gretchen, Devon’s mother, is so disgusted by her son’s actions that she creates The Dawn of Eve in his memory. When Gretchen’s team needs updates, she hires Nora as a double agent.

The Dawn of Eve: Behind the Scenes

Her son’s arrest led to Gretchen’s dismissal as a professor for unspecified reasons. While working with a colleague and wealthy donors, she created the Dawn of Eve, an experiment in social experimentation for young women disguised as a leadership retreat. In light of her son’s recent actions and arrest, she’s determined to prove that women are superior sexes, no matter the cost. First, it is revealed that the plane crash was staged so that the girls could land on an island and practice their survival skills. Gretchen’s mission is to show that even under extreme pressure, women are capable of creating a flourishing society that benefits all. Gretchen and her team have set up cameras on the island to keep tabs on the girls while they’re there. While the girls are left to their own devices to scavenge the island and recover what they can from the wreckage, they are given one duffel bag containing essential medication and supplies disguised as a pilot’s duffel.

An undercover grad student named Jeanette, Linh (Chi Nguyen) was recruited by Gretchen to join her group. She’s supposed to be an additional source of information for Gretchen and the team, and as an adult, she helps them avoid some legal ramifications. Linh, on the other hand, is injured as she makes the transition from the plane to the island, and her injuries ultimately result in her death. While she was alive, Nora was unaware that Linh was working as a double agent.

23 Stranded Days on an Island

We know that the girls were on the island for at least 23 days based on the episode titles that correspond to a specific day. After the crash, they spend the first few days cleaning up and salvaging what they can. When it comes to inventory and making recommendations for where to set up camp, Dot, a die-hard fan of survivalist shows, takes the lead. Rachel, Nora, and Leah swim out to the plane’s wreckage to retrieve supplies and the black box from the plane’s wreckage. While looking for water, Toni and Shelby butted heads. A memorial service is held for Jeanette by the girls, who buried her in the backyard.

Days 6 and 7 are spent searching for Fatin, who has escaped. The girls decide to use a bag of Takis that washes up on the shore as a grand prize for a shelter-building competition. Toni, Shelby, Martha, and Nora formed one team, while Dot, Rachel, Leah, and Fatin formed another. Angry at Shelby and Martha’s relationship, Toni trashes their house in a rage. Fatin’s absence from the camp is a source of irritation for Leah. There is no shortage of water in the ration pile, so Fatin takes some of it to drink. Toni discovers a ripped and bloodied piece of Fatin’s clothing the following day in the woods. Leah leads the girls on a search party to find her, feeling guilty for being mean to her. They come across Fatin and a source of fresh water at the end of the day.

On the 12th day, the group contracts food poisoning from mussels, and Toni and Martha come dangerously close to passing away. Overnight, a plane flying overhead rekindles the girls’ hope after they’ve lost their camp and their spirits on days 15 and 16. The girls are confident that they will be rescued soon, so they enjoy themselves with the remaining food and alcohol they have. When it comes to finding food on Day 22 and Day 23, the girls are in desperate need. During a trip into the woods, Martha, Toni, and Shelby become separated when Martha becomes hesitant about having to kill a goat they encounter. Toni and Shelby finally succumb to their feelings for each other after finding a tree full of lychees. After some self-reflection, Martha kills the goat to provide food for the group. The girls eat a lot of goats and lychees.

Then, Leah has an epiphany and convinces herself she can swim until help arrives. Leah’s life is saved by Rachel, who had previously resisted entering the water. They administer the final dose of tranquilizers to Leah. A little later, Leah sleepwalks into the woods, where she discovers Gretchen’s team listening in on Nora as she speaks to a camera mounted on a tree about her suspicions. The next day, Nora places Leah in an underground hole until she can be rescued, but Leah escapes before anyone can get to her before anyone can get to Leah. In the midst of her confrontation with Nora, Leah finds herself distracted by a shark swimming toward Rachel. It’s still unclear exactly how long it took to save the girls after the shark attack. The shark attack should prompt a quick retrieval from Gretchen’s team, but it’s hard to believe that Gretchen would compromise the experiment so early on.

After “Rescue”

A quarantine facility is portrayed to the survivors as a place where they are being held in seclusion for their own safety, with the promise that they will be reunited soon. As it turns out, Gretchen is employing the “agents” who have been interviewing them and taking statements from them. They want to learn more about what happened beyond what they could see on the cameras. Except for Martha and Nora, all of the girls have been interviewed. Aside from the fact that Rachel lost a hand in the shark attack, she also implies that something happened to Nora that we haven’t yet seen in the interview.

There is even more mystery surrounding Martha’s fate; the only information we have about her past comes from her file and Nora’s notes from the island. Shelby appears to have snapped. Her head is shaved, she’s on crutches, and she eats shellfish that she’s allergic to in front of the agents, even though she’s pretending to be happy. As much as Leah tries to be helpful to the agents, it’s clear that she has her doubts about their situation. Leah escapes her room after Shelby, who pays her a rare visit, leaves her a note telling her that she was correct all along. However, instead of finding a way out, Leah discovers something even more significant. She discovers a room containing information and surveillance on a group of boys stranded on an island, which confirms her suspicions that the crash was staged.