This Could Be A Bad Week For Donald Trump

His family’s firm was found guilty of felony tax fraud on Tuesday. His hand-selected candidate lost a Senate contest in a red state that day that may have been won. He or his close friends may be the subject of criminal referrals to the Justice Department made by the House Committee on January 6.

Republicans have once again been forced into a position by his call to repeal the Constitution. It would be folly to write off Trump as he begins his third consecutive run for president because of the excessive number of premature political obituaries that have been written about him.

But it’s getting harder and harder to understand how the man who changed the rules of American politics can recover from weeks like these. After CNN predicted that Democratic Sen.

Raphael Warnock would win a full six-year term, senior CNN political pundit Scott Jennings, a Republican, remarked, “I think Georgia, after this election, after what happened in 2020, may be regarded as the state that finally broke Donald Trump.”

Jennings is not a supporter of Trump, but he is an intelligent GOP political observer. This is not a state Republicans should be losing, he added. “Losing Georgia in the presidential election, losing the Senate race.”

Walker’s defeat served as yet another painful reminder for Republicans that their general election losses occur when election deniers and Trump allies face general election voters, despite a significant cash infusion from Republicans in Washington and the borrowed ground game of recently reelected Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, a Trump foe.

Geoff Duncan, the lieutenant governor of Georgia, stated that Trump’s engagement was what set Walker apart from the Georgia Republicans who won statewide office this year. He added, “Every Republican in this country ought to hold Donald Trump accountable for this.” To remain competitive, he claimed, the party must change course.

Witch Hunt vs. Jury Conviction

Trump will call all failures a “witch hunt,” but a jury of peers may be more difficult to convict with that charge than a jury of public authorities. Furthermore, since the case against his companies is based on the testimony of the former chief financial officer he collaborated with for years, it is more challenging to claim that the case is faulty.

In a years-long plan, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office claimed that significant perks and bonuses were given to Trump workers but were not declared as income to tax authorities, leading to the conviction of The Trump Organization on all counts. Trump and his family were not specifically accused in this case.

However, a second civil lawsuit filed by the attorney general of New York against Trump and three of his children is expected to go to trial in October of next year.

Many Shades Of Scrutiny

These tax fraud convictions were obtained as a result of the investigation New York authorities conducted into Trump’s company’s finances. The investigation into the January 6, 2021 attack by the House Select Committee and the Department of Justice raises.

the even more pressing question of whether they will bring federal criminal charges against him for his efforts to rig the 2020 election and his role in inciting riots at the US Capitol.

The January 6 committee has the authority to recommend that the Justice Department file charges against Trump or one of his allies. According to CNN, the panel’s members were generally in agreement that Trump and some of his closest allies had broken the law by promoting a plot to thwart the peaceful transfer of power.

What Kind Of Criminal Referrals?

Bennie Thompson, the Mississippi Democrat who chairs the committee, said on Tuesday that the members would make criminal referrals but would not go into further detail since the panel has not whittled down the potential referral candidates.

According to multiple sources familiar with the committee’s work, the committee even went so far as to appoint a subcommittee of members to consider “how to present evidence of possible obstruction, possible perjury, and possible witness tampering as well as potential criminal referrals to the Department of Justice.”

A broad Department of Justice investigation into the attempt to rig the election and the riot could be narrowed down with the help of a criminal referral from the committee, which could be made in conjunction with its eagerly awaited final report and just before an incoming GOP House majority closes the investigation.

Jamie Gangel of CNN noted that the Justice Department has requested the testimony and evidence acquired by the January 6 committee, saying, “We know the committee has really been ahead of the Justice Department.”

Helping Alleged Rioters

His rare public appearances since announcing a bid for office in 2024 include a video campaign to raise money for a nonprofit that supports individuals facing charges for taking part in the Capitol riot. Trump’s fixation with his defeat in 2020 still drives his public pronouncements and complicates his plans to seize control of the party and push potential GOP primary rivals out of the way.

Call To Terminate The Constitution Is Not Catching On

The strange appeal to repeal laws and the Constitution in favor of a 2020 redo has continued to echo in a party whose rhetoric is frequently based on devotion to the country’s revered foundational texts. He made the call in a post on his Twitter-like Truth Social platform.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters on Tuesday that if a candidate is unwilling to obey the Constitution, it would be difficult for them to be sworn in as president. The Kentucky Republican’s criticism of Trump comes as little surprise. However, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s maneuvers are more revealing.

Final Lines  

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