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Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by Ken Wakui that takes place in the city of Tokyo. Since March 2017, it has been serialised in the Weekly Shnen Magazine published by Kodansha. In July 2021, a live-action film version of the novel will be released in Japan. As of January 2022, there were more than 50 million copies of the manga in circulation. In 2020, the manga was awarded the 44th Kodansha Manga Award, which was given in the shnen category. From April to September 2021, Liden Films’ anime television series adaption aired on the Syfy channel.

Tokyo Revengers Plotline

Moebius Arc Is A Kind Of Arc.

After learning one day that his middle school ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, as well as her younger brother Naoto have been slain by the Tokyo Manji gang, Takemichi Hanagaki decides to go on a road trip to find out what happened. In 2005, when Takemichi is shoved in front of a train, the train teleports him back precisely 12 years in time to the year 2005. Takemichi meets with Naoto while reliving his middle school years, and he tells him the precise day on which he and Hinata will pass away.

When they shake hands, Takemichi is unexpectedly sent back to the present, resulting in a temporal paradox in which Naoto lives and goes on to become a detective. Takemichi is taken 12 years into the past every time Naoto and Takemichi lock hands, Naoto hypothesises. To save Hinata, Takemichi promises to use the information he has gained from the future.

Takemichi’s companions had been coerced into participating in underground bouts organised by Kiyomasa, a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, in the past. Takemichi’s commitment to defend them earns him the admiration of the gang’s leader, Mikey, who admires him for it. Akkun, one of Takemichi’s pals, is sentenced to prison in the present because of his new relationship with Mikey; however, after Akkun commits himself as a result of his anxiety, Takemichi understands that the Tokyo Manji Gang is a far more serious threat to his friends than he had previously realised.

The Tokyo Manji Gang has declared war on Moebius, a rival gang, in order to avenge Pah-buddy, chin’s as Takemichi discovers after travelling back in time to the present day. As a result of Takemichi finding out that Mikey’s second-in-command, Draken, is going to be killed, Mikey becomes irrational and aggressive. Despite the fact that Draken escapes the rumble, Pah-chin surrenders to the authorities after stabbing Moebius’ chief, Osanai. As a result, the Tokyo Manji Gang becomes increasingly divided as they debate on how to best assist Pah-chin.

Despite the fact that Takemichi successfully resolves Mikey and Draken’s quarrel, the Tokyo Manji Gang is assaulted by a gang of Moebius members, commanded by Valhalla member Shji Hanma, on August 3, 2005. Upon further investigation, Takemichi discovers that Peh-yan had conspired with them in response to Mikey and Draken allowing Pah-chin to be arrested, and that Kiyomasa had stabbed Draken as a result of Draken humiliating Takemichi and forcing him to be expelled from the Tokyo Manji Gang. The fight is won by the Tokyo Manji Gang, and Draken is able to heal from his injuries.

Tokyo Revengers

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Valhalla’s Arc Is A Mythical Place

Takemichi returns to the present, only to discover that Hinata and his companions had not died in the current timeline as he had previously believed. Takemichi returns to the past with only the knowledge that Tetta Kisaki was responsible for the transformation of the Tokyo Manji Gang into a violent organisation. He discovers that Kisaki has recently joined the gang and has taken advantage of Pah-absence chin’s to become the division’s new captain.

As a result of Kazutora Hanemiya’s recruitment of Keisuke Baji, former co-founder of the Tokyo Manji Gang and current first division captain, Baji is leaving the club to sign with the Valhalla. Takemichi is assured by Mikey that if he is successful in bringing Baji back, he would expel Kisaki from the group. Takemichi is now officially recognised as a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, which falls under the jurisdiction of Takashi Mitsuya’s section.

It is revealed to Takemichi that Mikey bears a grudge towards Kazutora for the death of his older brother, Shinichiro, two years earlier. Takemichi is furious. Furthermore, Takemichi learns from Chifuyu Matsuno that Baji feigned to defect from the gang in order to investigate Kisaki’s whereabouts and identity. As a result, he discover that Kisaki had created Valhalla specifically for Mikey to be its leader, and that the Tokyo Manji Gang will be absorbed into Valhalla following an all-out brawl on October 31, 2005 known as “Bloody Halloween”; their loss had been caused by Mikey murdering Kazutora out of rage over the death of Baji.

Kisaki and Hanma urge Kazutora to stab him as planned during Bloody Halloween, despite Baji’s attempts to stop them. Despite the fact that the Tokyo Manji Gang triumphs, Takemichi is powerless to prevent Baji’s death. Furthermore, Valhalla is assimilated into the organisation, and Kisaki takes advantage of their setback to elevate his position within the Tokyo Manji Gang hierarchy. Takemichi, on the other hand, is able to prevent Mikey from killing Kazutora, and Kazutora ultimately decides to give himself in to the authorities. Takemichi is then elevated to the position of captain of the first division, taking over for Baji.

A New Arc In The Black Dragons Series And A Christmas Showdown

After returning to the present, Takemichi learns that the Tokyo Manji Gang has evolved into a large-scale criminal enterprise as a result of its acquisition of the Black Dragons, and that his friends are continuously dying as a result. After travelling to the past, he discovers that Hakkai Shiba has been forced to leave the Tokyo Manji Gang and join the Black Dragons at the orders of his abusive older brother and the current leader of the Black Dragons, Taiju, an event that has an impact on the merger of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the Black Dragons.

The Shiba brothers’ sister, Yuzuha, no longer works for the Black Dragons, and Taiju is forbidden from assaulting her. Mitsuya strikes a deal with Taiju in which he will enable Hakkai to join on the condition that Yuzuha, the Shiba brothers’ sister, is no longer employed by them. Before wishing them farewell, Hakkai informs them in confidence that Taiju has no intention of honouring his pledge and that he intends to murder him as soon as possible in order to liberate himself and Yuzuha from their imprisonment.

After asking the Tokyo Manji Gang for assistance, Takemichi learns that breaching the agreement will reflect poorly on Mitsuya. The Tokyo Manji Gang declines to assist Takemichi. He and Chifuyu, on the other hand, only manage to enlist the assistance of Kisaki and Hanma after much effort. They hear via Coco and Inupi, two members of the Black Dragons, that Hakkai intends to assassinate Taiju on December 24, 2005, and they band together to stop him. Takemichi approaches them on December 24, but he soon realises that Kisaki and Hanma have betrayed and abandoned him. Chifuyu, on the other hand, manages to escape and enlists Mitsuya’s assistance in fighting Taiju.

Once Takemichi sees that he has unwittingly prevented Taiju from dying, he understands that in the previous timeline, Yuzuha had killed him after being pressured by Kisaki, which resulted in Hakkai accepting the blame for her and being obliged to obey his commands. After convincing Hakkai to stand up to Taiju in order to save Yuzuha, Takemichi and Draken arrive just in time to destroy the Black Dragons, who are defeated by Mikey and Draken.

Following their disbandment, Coco and Inupi assume the roles of co-leaders of the Black Dragons’ 11th generation and become minions of Takemichi’s Tokyo Manji Gang. After learning about Kisaki’s treachery, Mikey decides to exclude him from their circle of friends. Mikey’s choice also results in the departure of Hanma and the previous members of Moebius and Valhalla, resulting in a 350-member reduction in the size of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Tenjiku Arc Is A Kind Of Arc

Mikey had been disheartened to the point of killing all of his buddies by the time Takemichi returns to the present, following an occurrence known as the “Kanto incident,” and Tenjiku has absorbed the Tokyo Manji Gang as a result of the incident. While Takemichi and Naoto are investigating Tenjiku, they both learn that Kisaki is a member of Tenjiku and that Shinichiro is the creator of the Black Dragons, both of whom are shocked. When they are ambushed by members of the Tenjiku, they are both gravely wounded, and Takemichi travels back in time to save them both before they both perish. The truth that Takemichi was time-traveling is revealed to Hinata when she overhears him lamenting Naoto’s death and learning of his demise.

In the course of investigating Tenjiku, Takemichi discovers that the leader of the Black Dragons, Izana Kurokawa, is a distant relative of the Sanos. As a result, Takemichi harbours a grudge against Mikey out of jealousy, especially since Shinichiro had intended for him to become the Black Dragons’ leader. While all of this is going on, Mucho and his vice captain, Sanzu, have defected to Tenjiku, and Coco is compelled to follow them.

Inupi is impressed by Takemichi’s determination and transfers his position as head of the Black Dragons to him. Inupi also informs the Tokyo Manji Gang that Izana is preparing an assault on the Black Dragons’ 11th anniversary, which takes place on February 22nd, 2006. Takemichi loses the backing of the other captains on the day of their fight, since Kisaki and Hanma had seriously hurt Mitsuya and fourth division captain Smiley, putting them out of commission.

Last Words-

In addition, Kisaki assassinates Mikey’s half-sister, Emma, causing Mikey and Draken to be inconsolable afterward. Nonetheless, Takemichi organises the rest of the Tokyo Manji Gang to battle Tenjiku, despite the fact that the Tokyo Manji Gang has only 50 members compared to Tenjiku’s 400 members.

Mikey and Draken come at the conclusion of the battle after learning from Hinata that Takemichi had been time-traveling to save them from a previous battle. Upon realising that the Tenjiku have been defeated, Kisaki attacks Kakucho and Izana, fatally injuring the latter, before fleeing the scene. After being confronted by Takemichi, Kisaki confesses that his motivation for taking over the Tokyo Manji Gang was to raise his social status and woo Hinata.

He also views Takemichi as an enemy for stealing her attention, and he plans to have Hinata killed in every present timeline if she doesn’t accept his proposal to marry her. Kisaki is killed when he is struck by a truck in the middle of this. Because to the events in Kanto, Hanma flees the country while Mikey chooses to dissolve the Tokyo Manji Gang, enabling all of its members to move on with their lives.

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