Tom Cruise As Iron Man: Marvel Fan Is Shocked By Tom Cruise’s Entry In Iron Man 4 As iron man, Check If The Rumors Are True Or Not!

Tom Cruise As Iron Man: You might think the arrival and release of that movie would put a stop to those rumors, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever-expanding beast, so the rumors have only grown and fueled even more enthusiasm for the MCU’s present and future. The sequel, Doctor Strange in the Ultimate Multiverse of Madness, debuted earlier this year.

It’s an understatement to suggest that this sparked even more rumors. There was talk that Tom Cruise will adopt the iconic Iron Man suit in the sequel. Though it didn’t work out that way, many people still fantasize about Top Gun: Maverick’s Tom Cruise as a different Tony Stark. Now, thanks to YouTuber Stryder HD, we have a glimpse of what this might resemble.

Tom Cruise As Iron Man
Tom Cruise As Iron Man

Tom Cruise Explains Why He Declined The Iron Man Role

Tom Cruise has a lengthy history of playing action heroes, but he has never played a superhero. However, a lot of the characters seem so unbreakable that they could pass for superheroes. Most recently, Cruise returned to the Mission Impossible franchise as Ethan Hunt, and he is currently enjoying great box-office success with Top Gun: Maverick.

The actor, who will soon turn 60, has shared how Tony Stark’s Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was almost him. Naturally, Robert Downey Jr. was cast in the role and he gave the armored character his own unique personality.

Before 2008’s Iron Man came out, Cruise was given the chance to play Tony Stark but declined. He has explained why he declined in detail. An actor’s priority seems to be demanding control over the project given his reputation for meticulous work, executing his own stunts, etc.

Tom Cruise As Iron Man In Doctor Strange 2 Has No Cut Footage

Marvel Studios has earned a reputation for protecting its film’s narrative details until the movie’s premiere. As expected, the company’s most recent Doctor Strange installment does not disappoint in the Multiverse of Insanity.

Many events, including multiple people traveling across universes, were anticipated to take place in the superhero film, with the opening of the multiverse and its negative influence on the MCU timeline at the center of everything.

The Superior Iron Man and the rumored arrival of Tom Cruise as the lead actor both contributed to this anticipation. Fans anticipated many incarnations of Doctor Strange, much like they had anticipated numerous versions of Spider-Man following the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which paved the way for three different versions of the web-slinger (Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland) (Defender Strange, Sinister Strange, Zombie Strange and Strange Supreme).

From the X-Men films, we also received the return of Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X, as well as the Illuminati, which included Mordo Supreme, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Captain Carter, and Reed Richards. There were also huge expectations for Superior Iron Man before its release.

Tom Cruise As Iron Man
Tom Cruise As Iron Man

The reason is a mystery character that appears in trailers and appears to use a beam of light to travel to confront Wanda. The public quickly began comparing him to Tom Cruise in the role of Iron Man. Now that fans know that Lashana Lynch played Captain Marvel and not Tom Hiddleston’s Iron Man, screenwriter Michael Waldron has addressed the rumors and speculation around the character.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said, “Yeah, that was absolutely made up. Specifically, there are no deleted scenes with Tom Cruise. But I adore Tom Cruise and at one point I even asked Kevin (Feige), president of Marvel Studios, whether we might cast him as Iron Man. Those rumors that Tom Cruise was cast as Iron Man first appeared in Ain’t It Cool News, which I read way back when.

Before you ask, yes, Tom Cruise was considered for the role of Tony Stark in the Iron Man cast (2008). This occurred prior to the elimination of Robert Downey Jr. It would have been a nostalgic trip down memory lane for Marvel’s first fans if Tom had actually put on the Iron suit. Superior Iron Man is the villainous counterpart to RDJ’s Iron Man in the comics.

In addition, Michael Waldron stated that Tom Cruise was considered, but the timing wasn’t right because of the actor’s “availability.” That having Tom in Doctor Strange 2 would have been great, but “he was shooting Mission Impossible 7 and 8,” he explained. Michael reportedly told Rolling Stone, “bringing Cruise in was considered, but ultimately never happened because of availability.”

Tom Cruise Becomes Iron Man In Stunning Fan Trailer Video

Stryder HD is an experienced maker of spectacular fan movies on YouTube, and he frequently employs Deepfake technology to superimpose the likeness of one actor over another. This video is another mind-blowing illustration of that.

With Cruise’s face superimposed over Downey Jr.’s body, the video serves as a concept teaser for a made-up Iron Man 4, picturing what the Hollywood actor may look like if he were cast as a different version of Tony Stark in an MCU film. The clip is really effective in making the case that Cruise could well portray Tony, who is portrayed by RDJ (even though we all know RDJ is irreplaceable).

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