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Mapother is an American actor and producer who was born on July 3, 1962, in Los Angeles. In addition to three Golden Globes, a British Academy Film Award, and three Oscar nominations, this one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors has garnered several more honours over his career. An all-time box office champ, his films have brought in more over $4 billion in North American box office receipts and over $10.1 billion globally.

With performances in the comedic caper Risky Business (1983) and the action thriller Top Gun (1986), Cruise made his acting debut in the early 1980s (1986). The Color of Money (1986), Rain Man (1988), and Born on the Fourth of July (1989) were all critically acclaimed films in which he starred (1989). As Ron Kovic in the later film, he won the Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor. Michael Douglas is best known for his role as Jerry Maguire in the romantic comedy A Few Good Men (1992), the thriller The Firm (1993), Interview with the Vampire (1994), and A Few Good Men (1996). He won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his performance in the latter and garnered his second Academy Award nomination for his performance.

Magnolia (1999) brought another Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination for Cruise’s portrayal as a motivational speaker. From 1996 through 2018, he starred as Ethan Hunt in all six Mission: Impossible films. To date, his filmography includes Vanilla Sky (2001), Minority Report (2002), The Last Samurai (2003), Collateral (2004), War of the Worlds (2005), Knight and Day (2010), Jack Reacher (2012) and Oblivion (2013). (2017).

In addition to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise has also been married to Katie Holmes and Mimi Rogers. When he was married to Kidman, he had two adopted children, one of whom is his biological daughter from his marriage to Holmes. With the support of Church of Scientology and its social initiatives he was able to overcome dyslexia, Cruise has become an ardent champion for the religion. Many of his comments on antidepressant medicines and psychotherapy throughout the 2000s, as well as his attempts to promote Scientology as a religion across the European continent, caused debate. A leaked interview of him advocating Scientology was also published.

Tom Cruise-As A Child

Cruise was born in Syracuse, New York, on July 3, 1962, to electrical engineer Thomas Cruise Mapother III and special education teacher Mary Lee (née Pfeiffer).

Both of his parents were born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and were of English, German, and Irish descent. Lee Anne, Marian, and Cassandra are all three of Cruise’s siblings’ names. In addition to starring in five films with Cruise, William Mapother, a relative, is also an actor. Cruise was raised in a Catholic household in the midst of hardship. Later, he branded his father as a “merchant of chaos,” a “bully,” and a “coward” for abusing his children. He went on to explain further “Whenever things went wrong, [my father] was the kind of guy who would kick you in the face. When he’d lure you in and make you feel protected, he’d suddenly smack you in the face. “There’s something wrong with this man,” I thought to myself as I walked away. Don’t put your faith in him. Make sure you’re safe around him'”

Cruise was born and raised in Canada. His family relocated to Beacon Hill, Ottawa, in late 1971 when his father accepted a position as a military consultant with the Canadian Armed Forces. He was a student at the Robert Hopkins Public School for grades 4 and 5 from 2003 to 2005. When he was in fourth grade, his drama instructor, George Steinburg, introduced him to the world of theatre. Six other students performed IT, an impromptu play set to music, at the Carleton Elementary School theatre festival. He wrote the script.

“The dancing and improvisation were superb… it was a great ensemble work,” later stated drama organizer Val Wright, who was in the audience. When Cruise was in the sixth grade, he attended Henry Munro Middle School in Ottawa, Ontario. He and his sisters returned to the United States that year when their mother divorced him. She wed Jack South in 1978. In 1984, Tom Cruise’s father, who had been suffering from cancer, passed away. Aspiring to become a priest, Cruise entered the St. Francis Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio, but was booted from the seminary for drinking and growing interested in acting.

He went to 15 different schools throughout the course of his 14-year education. He was a linebacker for the varsity football team during his final year of high school, but was kicked off the team when he was spotted drinking beer before a game. One of the school’s performances was of Guys and Dolls. At Glen Ridge High School, he received a diploma in the year of his graduation (1980).

Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise Litigation

He won a lawsuit against the Daily Express in 1998, which claimed that his marriage to Nicole Kidman was a hoax to cover up his homosexuality.

Earlier this year, Cruise filed a lawsuit against Chad Slater, a homosexual porn performer. According to Slater, he was having an affair with Tom Cruise in Actustar magazine. After Cruise vehemently refuted Slater’s accusation, a judge ordered the actor to pay $10 million in damages to Cruise after Slater said he could not afford to defend himself and would thus default on the lawsuit. A Los Angeles judge denied Slater’s motion for default judgement in January 2003, after the porn star claimed that his tale was fake and asked for a default judgement to be granted by the court.

A $100 million lawsuit was filed by Cruise against publisher Michael Davis of Bold Magazine, who claimed (but never proved) to have video evidence showing Cruise to be homosexual. Public revelation by Davis that he was not Cruise and that he is straight led to the suit being withdrawn.

The domain name was taken over by Cruise in 2006 when he filed a lawsuit against cybersquatter Jeff Burgar. Burgar’s website redirects to, which provides information on cruises. In 2006, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ruled that should be transferred to Cruise.

According to a lawsuit filed by Michael Davis Sapir in 2009, Cruise ordered his phone to be wiretapped. Sapir’s lawsuit was rejected by a Los Angeles judge because of a statute of limitations violation.

Last Words-

Tom Cruise sued In Touch and Life & Style magazines in October 2012 for defamation over their claims that he “abandoned” his 6-year-old daughter. It had been 110 days since he last saw her, he stated during the deposition. In the end, the two parties reached a settlement.

In his youth, Cruise attempted to conceal his dyslexia from his classmates. “Functional illiterate” is how Cruise refers to himself as a child after being diagnosed at the age of seven. When he was in high school and even in his early acting jobs, he could hardly read. At the age of 19, Cruise landed his first major acting role.

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