Top Boy Season 4: Release Date Status, Plot, Cast, Trailer & Everything You Need To Know

In 2019, Netflix aired a third season of Top Boy, six years after Channel 4 cancelled the show. And now a fourth season is almost here, following Dushane (Ashley Walters from Top Boy) and Sully (Kane Robinson) as they continue to build their drug business on Summerhouse grounds.

Kano, Little Simz, and Micheal Ward also play in major roles alongside Walters and Robinson. When Top Boy season 4 does finally arrive, it will be released on Netflix as Top Boy season 2. This is because the drama’s first two seasons, which aired on Channel 4, have been renamed Top Boy: Summerhouse and are now available on Netflix.

Top Boy Season 4: When will the fourth season of Top Boy premiere on Netflix?

Between the third and fourth seasons, there’s been a considerable wait. Many fans may complain that it has taken far too long, but there isn’t much time left. On March 18, Season 4 will be available on Netflix.

When we last saw Jamie, he’d been falsely accused of possessing a pistol by Dushane and betrayed by a close family member, Ats, who planted the gun. On the streets, actions have repercussions, so fans will be curious to see what Ats does next and if it means the end of his friendship with best pal Stef (who also happens to be Jamie’s brother).

When Top Boy’s third season was first revealed, news sites speculated that the programme might return for two further seasons, which means we’ve known about season four for a while.

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We had to wait two years between the announcement in 2017 and the premiere of season three, but we expected season four to arrive sooner – that is, until the TV industry’s delays in 2020 arrived. Drake stated fresh episodes would be coming later in 2020 at the start of the year, and Netflix agreed a month later.

The pandemic forced a halt to production, which was set to begin in the spring of that year. Filming in London has resumed as of December 2020. In a video clip broadcast on Netflix’s official Twitter account, Ashley Walters and Kano announced the news: “We’re filming Top Boy, of course.

We provided it because you requested it. Season 2 is now complete. Netflix. Now let’s get started.” Walters told NME’s Friends Like These that “it’s going great.” “The scripts are fantastic, and they are quite well-written. Because I’m executive producing this one, I’m lot more involved creatively and script-wise.”

He also discussed the impact of the pandemic on production: “We’ve lost so many places as a result of COVID that we’re forced to make do with what we’ve got. We’ll do [episode] six one day, one the next, and three the next.

“It’s been tough, but we’ve got another banger for everyone who’s listening or watching. It will undoubtedly be enjoyable.”

Top Boy Season 4: Who will appear in Season 4 of Top Boy?

As season three’s huge cliffhanger centres around them, Ashley Walters (Dushane), Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson (Sully), and Micheal Ward (Jamie) will all return. Simbi ‘Little Simz‘ Ajikawo (Shelley) had already been spotted filming on the East London set earlier this year.

  • Jaq Jobson (Jaq), Ashley Thomas (Jermaine), David ‘Dave’ Omoregie (Modie), Kadeem Ramsay (Kit), Lisa Dwan (Lizzie), and Saffron Hocking (Lauryn) are all expected to return.
  • Micheal Ward and Jasmine Jobson, as well as Araloyin Oshunremi, Hope Ikpoku Jnr, Kadeem Ramsay, and Alexander Blake, posted a reunion photo on Instagram in July of last year (aka Blakie). It was unclear whether this get-together had anything to do with the next season or was simply a “family” get-together.

Fans have been asking for a long time if Drake would make an appearance. After essentially saving the series, the rapper-turned-executive producer is due for a cameo. “After it was cancelled a couple of years later, it was posted on Netflix, and we started to attract a lot of attention Stateside,” Walters previously stated.

“Then Drake watched it, which was strange, and we awoke one day to see all of this publicity about it [as] he’d posted. “‘When’s the show coming back?’ he asked, holding up a photo of me. ‘Well, we’ll see about that,’ he responded after I told him it had been cancelled.

After a year and a half, he returned to the table with a contract, and that was the end of it.” “He returned for the read-through and was in and out of London for the shoot. But, at the end of the day, he was a show fan first and foremost, and all he wanted was for us to perform what we did before. He didn’t want to be in charge of everything.”

Top Boy Season 4: When will we see the fourth season of Top Boy?

When will the trailer be available for viewing? It’s now or never! And we really need answers to some of the problems it has raised.

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The teaser is full with hints and confirms that more turmoil is on the road, as we would expect.

Final Lines

In 2011, Channel 4 premiered the first season of the British criminal drama series, which was followed by a second season in 2013. After only two seasons, the channel decided to cancel the show. Years later, Netflix announced that the series would be renewed for a fifth season. Of course, this was great news for fans of the original show, and in 2019, a new season was released on Netflix.

Fans were initially concerned about Netflix’s approach to the series’ renewal. Season 1 of the Netflix revival, however, was highly welcomed by fans and critics, with much of the original cast returning. It’s no surprise, however, that the streaming service has decided to renew the show for a second season.

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