‘Reborn Rich’ OST Introduced tripleS Newest Member Seo Dahyun

Triples Newest Member Seo Dahyun: Seo Dahyun joined tripleS, and the OST for their latest song, “Reborn Rich,” introduced him to the world. The newest member of tripleS made their debut on December 3 with the original soundtrack of the Korean drama “Reborn Rich.”

Whenever a new member of tripleS is revealed, fans can expect a special and distinctive teaser video from the group.

This novel method of presenting the new member to tripleS has surprised their devoted fan base. In particular, because the individual is still a trainee. Rather than showing her face, Seo Dahyun has only exposed her identity through her speech.

tripleS Newest Member Seo Dahyun
tripleS Newest Member Seo Dahyun

Reborn Rich

Starring Song Joong-ki, Lee Sung-min, and Shin Hyun-been, Reborn Rich is a popular South Korean drama currently airing on television. Premiering on JTBC on November 18th, 2022, it can be seen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 22:30. (KST). TVING, Netflix, and Disney+ in South Korea will carry it, and in some countries outside of South Korea, you may watch it on Viu or Viki as well.

The story follows Sunyang Group employee Yoon Hyun-woo (Song Joong-ki), who is betrayed and murdered by a fellow employee.

When Yoon awoke in 1987, he realised he had been reborn as Jin Do-joon, the youngest grandchild of the Sunyang Group, who had vanished without a trace in the present day. Yoon takes advantage of the situation by planning a hostile takeover of Sunyang Group as the first step towards exacting his retribution.


The South Korean girl trio TripleS was created by the production duo MODHAUS. The group’s pre-debut initiative, which began in May 2022, gradually unveiled each of its 24 members to the public.

They want to pioneer a new direction in K-pop by fusing elements of NFT with traditional music styles. Through NFTs, fans can interact with the group and have a say in matters such as which sub-units they’d want to see form and what kind of content should be released, and the members will cycle between group, sub-unit, and solo activities based on these decisions.

The idea behind the organisation is that its members each have a unique skill (here denoted by “S”) and that they will work together to showcase their skills via the “Dimension,” a setting that is reimagined and recast with each new season.

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