TripleS Will Release 10-member Album in Mid-February!

TripleS Will Release 10-member Album: TripleS, a female pop quartet, is working on an album that is scheduled for release in the middle of February. Since their debut in May 2022, all eleven members of tripleS have been introduced to the public. Kamimoto Kotone, a former participant on Girls Planet 999, was recently announced as the eleventh member of tripleS.

Album in Mid-February
Album in Mid-February

Even though she is now in Japan, the other members of the sub-unit have already been confirmed, thus she won’t be able to take part in the impending release. In the meanwhile, Kotone will make frequent appearances on tripleS’ daily vlog series, ‘SIGNAL,’ which is posted on YouTube.

In October 2022, the Asian sub-unit of tripleS, Acid Angel, made their debut and quickly rose to prominence after the release of their debut single, “Generation,” which racked up over 29 million views on YouTube and earned them second place on ” SBS The Show.”

It is anticipated that the sub-unit +(KR)ystal Eyes, will begin making preparations after the promotions of tripleS’ 10-member release. It had been speculated that +(KR)ystal Eyes would make their debut before the 10-member drop, but the group has decided to make their debut as a unit first so that there is no misunderstanding about the concept.

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The group’s 10 members are as follows: Kim YooYeon, Kim NaKyoung, Gong YuBin, Jeong HyeRin (all from Acid Angel from Asia), Yoon SeoYeon, Kim ChaeYeon, Lee JiWoo, Kim SooMin (+(KR)ystal Eyes members), Kaede, and Seo Da Hyun.
Fans of tripleS had their say in deciding which song will serve as the album’s title track.

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