Tristan Bailey: Is Aiden Fucci Responsible For The Death? What Is The Reason?

Tristan Bailey was a 13 year old, who is a seventh-grader at the Patriot Oaks Academy in Saint Johns. On 9th May Sunday an hour after the adolescent was reported wanting by her parentage. At age of 14 years, an old boy has been an arrest on a first-degree killing charge in the dying of Tristyn.

Attorney released a Snap Video and supervision video in the case against Aiden Fucci, age of 14 years old . Florida boy offender off stabbing 13 years old, head cheerleader Tristyn Bailey with a seeking knife.A chilly Snapchat picture of Fucci, taken after Tristan’s death, reference to the seventh-grade girl.

Four videos were discharged. Here’s the observation video. It shows the two youths walking together the night Bailey was killed. This is the last time they saw her alert. A second video shows a figure that counsel says is Fucci running in the reverse direction sometime later.

Tristan Bailey

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In Which Area Tristyn’s body located?

Tristyn was last watched after the middle of the night Sunday told by the Sheriff .A broad search resulted. Her body was discovered in a nearby afforest, that night. First Coast News attained an arrest statement that says Fucci “changed his story” multiple times and produced “admissions” that he did not crew.

Safety video shows two adolescent “walking east on Saddlestone Drive around 1:45 a.m.” At around 3:27 am, only one person, holding a pair of shoes, appeared to be walking in the video. He had a “major head injury and other trauma,” the information site informed.

She was found dead “at the southern end of a conserve pond.” He told his mother that he took off his shoes “because his heel hurt,” the report says.

A resident “discovered Tristyn Bailey’s body that was really situated by a person in the neighborhood and called 911,” the sheriff said, at 6 pm on Sunday, May 9, 2021,.

“We went out and retrieved the body.” The sheriff told: “We know the community is angry… they take this personally.”He said the young lady’s body was built in the woods area and she was dressed.No argue has been relieved.

Both Fucci and Tristyn “attended the same school” told by the Sheriff. Both involved the Patriot Oaks Academy, a kindergarten through eighth class school placed in St. Johns, Florida. The sheriff aforesaid, they “grew up in the same neighborhood.” “These kids went to the same school together,” Hardwick says this .

Bailey was a cherished cheerleader. “It is with our deepest regret that we inform you of the passing of our beloved athlete and friend, Tristyn Bailey,”wrote the entirety whole star encourage squad on Social Media of Instagram.

Tristan Bailey

Last Words-

All the loved ones carry to social media when Tristyn was quieter absent. “Tristyn Bailey, 13 years old, 7th grade POA left her home last night and has not been heard from since… I love this child as I love mine. We are heartbroken that we don’t know where he is, ”this statement wrote on Facebook by one woman.