The Trump Team Discovers Two Documents With Classified Markings in a Florida Storage Room

Trump Team Discovers Two Documents: According to CNN, two secret documents were discovered by a team hired by former President Donald Trump’s lawyers during a search of a storage unit in Florida. Those papers have been turned over to the FBI.

According to the source, a search of four of Trump’s properties yielded no other sensitive documents. The Washington Post was the first to publish news of the documents’ discovery.

In addition to the storage unit where the two documents were discovered and where the General Services Administration had shipped Trump’s belongings after he left the White House.

Trump Team Discovers Two Documents
Trump Team Discovers Two Documents

Trump Team Discovers Two Documents

The two-person team also searched Trump Tower in New York, the Bedminster golf club, an office location in Florida, and the storage unit where Trump’s belongings had been stored.

Concerns from the Justice Department hadn’t been entirely allayed, so they initiated the four searches. One other source close to the situation tells CNN that Trump’s legal staff oversaw the searches that were conducted in recent weeks.

Trump’s lawyers proposed allowing federal investigators to observe the search of their client’s Bedminster home, but the proposal was turned down. After hearing the response from the Justice Department, Trump’s legal team decided against making a similar offer for the search of the other properties.

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For the Justice Department to see a search that wasn’t conducted by law enforcement is extremely rare. The agency declined to provide a statement. As Trump spokesman Steven Cheung put it, “the former president and his attorneys continue to be forthcoming and honest.”

It is unknown what kind of follow-up communication there has been between Trump’s legal team and federal investigators since the raids.

In response to the Department of Justice’s demand that all classified materials be returned, CNN reported exclusively that Trump’s legal team was considering letting federal officials search Mar-a-Lago again.

This fall, a court hearing was held when the Justice Department requested a judge issue an order ordering the Trump administration to organise another search.

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