Ukraine Disputes the ‘United States’ Notion That Fighting May Be Halted for Months

Ukraine Disputes the United States’ Notion: Ukraine is keen to rebuff a remark by a U.S. official that fighting in the war could take on a “lower tempo” over winter. U.S. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said on Saturday that the United States anticipates the fighting in Ukraine to continue at a “lower tempo” for the next few months before counteroffensives resume in earnest in the spring.

Ukraine is “doing everything to be ready for the winter period of military operations,” according to a spokesperson for Ukraine’s armed forces in the east of the country, where severe fighting is taking place as Russian troops try to push on and conquer the city of Bakhmut in Donetsk.

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has called for unity and for residents to support one another as frigid weather sets in, and the country is doing its best to dispel any notion of a respite in the battle or lack of impetus in their counteroffensives. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense has been broadcasting videos of tanks ploughing through muddy, water-logged areas in recent days, and high morale among its soldiers.

Explosions have been reported at a Russian military air station in the Saratov region of western Russia, damaging two strategic bomber aircraft, with indications suggesting the explosives were caused by a drone strike.

Ukraine Disputes the United States' Notion
Ukraine Disputes the United States’ Notion

Ukraine Disputes the ‘United States’ Notion

According to the Russian news agency Tass, an explosion took place at an airbase close to the city of Ryazan on Monday morning, killing three people and injuring five more. According to the Russian news source Ria Novosti, a gasoline truck explosion at the airport was to blame for the fatalities. According to the report, authorities were trying to figure out what had caused the explosions.

Multiple local sources told the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform that the explosions were likely caused by a drone strike, and that two planes were damaged. The Ukrainian counsellor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, claimed on his Telegram channel that two Tu-95 strategic bombers were damaged in an attack on the “Engels” air base.

“At an airfield close to Ryazan, a drone crashed into two Tu-95s, and a fuel tanker afterwards exploded. The airport is situated 749 miles from the Ukrainian border “What he did notice, though, was significant. Reports indicate that the station has been using it as the launch pad for Russian airstrikes against Ukraine in recent weeks.

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According to the British Ministry of Defense, the frequency with which Russian tactical combat aircraft fly over Ukraine has decreased dramatically in recent months. According to the latest intelligence briefing released by the ministry on Monday morning, “Russian aircraft now presumably performs tens of sorties every day,” down from a peak of up to 300 per day in March 2022.

A Su-24M FENCER fighter-bomber and a Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft were both thought to have been lost by Russia in the battle over Ukraine last week, bringing the total number of Russian aircraft believed to have been destroyed in the conflict to over 60.

The United Kingdom speculated that the decrease in sorties was due to the “continuing high danger from Ukrainian air defences,” restrictions on Russian aircraft’s flight hours, and poor weather.

According to the report, “the Russian air force will likely continue a low rate of ground assault missions through the harsh winter weather, as Russia’s ground attack tactics rely heavily on visual identification and unguided munitions.”

Ukrainian President Volodymy Zelenskyy encouraged his countrymen to band together and help one another out during winter in his country’s traditional Sunday night address. “Of course, things will be challenging throughout the winter.

It is still important to view this winter not as a trial, but as time — time that puts us closer to the real prize: a successful outcome. For each of the next ninety days of winter, “This is what he had to say, he explained.

Russia, Zelenskyy claimed “the cold and suffering of winter as a weapon against us, hoping to incorporate them into his fear. No matter how challenging, we must do whatever it takes to survive the winter. And we shall keep on going! To make it through this winter, you must protect your belongings at all costs “Moreover, he said.

The head of state declared, “Russia “still has missiles and an advantage in artillery,” but underlined that Ukraine has the advantage in terms of its motivation to fight: “we have something that the occupier does not have and will not have.”

Our deepest motivation comes from the need to protect the place we call home. When fighting for one’s independence, one’s strength is automatically increased.” “We need each other’s assistance and care more than ever to make it through this winter. Don’t even think about asking if and how you can assist. Don’t worry about it too much; just pitch in when you can.”

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