After ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ Andrew Garfield Will ‘Just Be a Bit Ordinary’

Andrew Garfield is overdue for a vacation. With “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” and “Tick, Tick… Boom!”, the actor has been on a roll for the previous year or so. He may now be seen in FX’s limited series adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s 2003 true-crime novel of the same name, “Under the Banner of Heaven.”

Garfield plays a Mormon investigator investigating the terrible murder of a mother (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and her young daughter by fanatical Mormons. Garfield, who received his second Academy Award nomination for “Tick, Tick,” tells me, “I’m going to rest for a little bit.”

“I need to rethink what I want to do next and who I want to be, and just be a human for a while.” Because, as you may be aware, awards season is a washing machine. Without complaining about the attention, he says, “I need to simply be a little ordinary for a time.”

With its mix of religion and murder, “Under the Banner of Heaven” isn’t light reading. “I think it was actually a requirement for us to have game nights and go into nature and climb and swim and dive and swim in lakes and dance and eat wonderful food so that we could really come back and fully dedicate ourselves [to the work],” Garfield adds.

“We had to continue to look after ourselves so that we could look after the story.” This isn’t Garfield’s first attempt at television, since the series was written by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black and directed by David Mackenzie.

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He worked on a U.K. sitcom called “Sugar Rush” as one of his first gigs when he was 21 years old. “I remember obtaining that first TV job and knowing that I was going to be able to pay my rent and enjoy one great meal a month,” he recalls.

That night, I recall going out with my pals and just having a good time. Turnmills was the name of the nightclub where we attended. It quickly devolved into chaos. “I couldn’t stop smiling.”

On March 17th, 2022, in Los Angeles, California, O.T. Fagbenle attended the debut of Apple’s “We Crashed” at The Academy Museum.

Michael Buckner

In “The First Lady,” O-T Fagbenle ably played President Barack Obama alongside Michelle Obama, played by Viola Davis. The British actor says he’d want to play Harry Belafonte as the next living icon.

“Not only is he a fantastic artist, but he also made a significant contribution to the civil rights fight,” says Fagbenle. Is he, however, capable of singing blockbusters such as “Day-O”? “I sing a little bit,” he confesses.

Do you have a few days off coming up? Through April 30, the Maybourne Beverly Hills is serving afternoon tea from Claridge’s, its London sister hotel. Seating begins at 2:00 p.m. on the Maybourne’s Garden patio on the third floor.

Afternoon Tea at the Maybourne, which will premiere in the hotel’s remodeled lobby next year, will be a preview of this service. provides more information. Colin Hanks attends the Los Angeles premiere of “The Offer” on April 20th, 2022 at Paramount Pictures Studio.

Gilbert Flores

Colin Hanks says he gets a lot of offers to co-star in films with his father, Tom Hanks, which comes as no surprise. As he promotes his new film, Paramount+’s “The Offer,” Colin laughs as he says, “far too many times.”

“It was something where we played the same person, and the only person I ever wanted to do it with was [‘Never Let Me Go’ director] Mark Romanek,” he reveals about a film they discussed filming together.

We were never able to move on from the conversation. It isn’t because no one has said no to you. I believe it was due to the fact that everyone else was saying yes to far too many other things. ” The making of “The Godfather” is chronicled in “The Offer.”

Hanks portrays a Paramount studio executive who attempted to shut down the production due to budget issues. Hanks explains, “The persona I played was basically a composite figure.” “He’s basically the only one who isn’t interested in doing ‘The Godfather.'”

I expected to be at a huge disadvantage because the rest of the cast had real individuals to draw from, but because I wasn’t portraying an iconic, instantly recognizable, larger-than-life figure, I was really given a lot of leeway.

I was able to build my own character, with my own goals, interests, and desires that obviously went against the grain of almost everyone else. ” Hanks may next direct a feature picture after directing documentaries and a music video. “I’ve been flirting with it,” he adds, “trying to get the miracle of having a fantastic concept.” “Certainly,” says the narrator.

“Heartstopper,” starring Kit Connor and Joe Locke

Have you seen “Heartstopper,” a new Netflix YA series about two high school boys named Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor) who fall in love? It’s lovely, moving, and nice. Several times, it made my heart stop.\

The show is based on the web comic and graphic book series of the same name by writer and illustrator Alice Oseman. Olivia Colman plays Nick’s mother, despite the fact that the majority of the cast is new.

“We came up with the concept of contacting prominent celebrities to play her,” Oseman said over the phone from her home in the United Kingdom. “This was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard of.” I honestly believed no one famous would want to be in the show, but we decided to go ahead and cast Olivia Colman.

” Euros Lyn, the director of “Heartstopper,” worked on “Broadchurch” with Colman. “We emailed her some screenplays and a few pages of the comic, and she expressed interest in working on it!” According to Oseman,

Producers gave Oseman permission to adapt her piece for television, which she still finds incredible. “They recommended that I write the first three episodes,” Oseman recounted. “This is the first screenplay I’ve ever written.

” I said going in, “I’m going to do the best I can.” But if it’s not that good, I’m fine with that. If we can find another writer to do it, I’ll be happy. But I have a feeling they enjoyed it. “

Oseman recognizes the potential significance of the “Heartstopper” universe for young LGBT people. “If ‘Heartstopper’ helps a young gay person on their coming out journey, or if it helps a parent understand their child a little better, it’s the most amazing and touching thing you could hear, and it makes it feel like it’s all worth it,” she says.

“Heartstopper,” starring Yasmin Finney

As Elle, a new student at an all-girls school, trans actress Yasmin Finney joins the cast. “In order to play Elle, we had to cast a trans actress.” “We knew a cis actor portraying a trans role is actually detrimental and damaging to the trans community,” Oseman explains.

“We put out a wide international casting call for Elle because we knew finding a trans actor of colour who is a teenager was going to be challenging.” We were very concerned about not being able to cast Elle.

We were fortunate enough to come across Yasmin, who is incredible. “We’ve had a lot of good fortune.” You may expect to hear more about “Heartstopper” from me in the future. Meanwhile, if you have the opportunity, please watch it on Netflix.

Kal Penn is an actor who has appeared in several films.

WWD/Lauren Chelsea

Kal Penn wishes you a merry Christmas. The actor co-stars as Simon Choksi opposite Tim Allen, who reprises the eponymous role in the Disney+ series adaption of the “Santa Clause” film franchise. Penn describes Simon as a “tech whiz,” similar to Jeff Bezos.

“He’s Santa’s adversary,” says the narrator. The Santa Cinematic Universe is “very awesome,” he reports. Penn comments, referring to the original 1994 picture, “We all adored this movie as kids.” However, seeing this enhanced version with all of the new technologies is simply wonderful.