US police ask for arrest of man who confronted a live reporter – 09/01/2021 – World

An arrest warrant was issued on Tuesday (31) against a man who angrily confronted a reporter for the American TV network NBC News who was covering the passage of Hurricane Ida through the Mississippi, in the southern United States.

The case took place in the city of Gulfport, where a man shouted in the journalist’s face live: “Report accurately!” Benjamin Eugene Dagley, 54, of Wooster, Ohio, will be charged in two instances with simple assault, disturbing the peace and violating an emergency curfew, according to the Gulfport Police Department.

Dagley is on parole after he was involved in breaking into an Ohio workshop and may also have violated travel restrictions that are part of parole, police said.

Gulfport police said Dagley left the area on Tuesday and traveled with his wife in a Ford F-150 pickup truck. Its location was unknown Tuesday night, police said.

It is unclear why Dagley was in Gulfport — about a thousand miles from his home — the day after a major hurricane hit the area. The report was unable to contact him.

The live NBC News broadcast showed he swerved his truck off the road and into the field in the background of reporter Shaquille Brewster’s recording as the journalist described the effects of Hurricane Ida, which had touched ground in the Gulf Coast on Sunday. ).

Dagley is seen getting out of the truck and running towards Brewster, who pauses and says, “I think we’ve got someone lost around here.”

“You’re reporting this accurately, right?” says Dagley.

Brewster turns in the other direction and continues talking into the camera, and Dagley is heard yelling in the background.

A few seconds later, the scene seems to escalate. “I’ll give it back to you,” Brewster tells Craig Melvin, NBC anchor. “We have someone in need of help right now.”

Dagley is seen advancing towards Brewster as he yells in his face, “Report accurately!” He then gives the journalist a jolt before NBC cuts the scene. Melvin then tells viewers that the network will check in with Brewster later and that “there’s a lot of craziness out there.”

Later in the broadcast, Melvin says Brewster is fine.

Out there

Brewster, who did not respond to emails from the report or requests for comment via social media, said in an Instagram post that he was “overwhelmed by the love and support” given after the “craziest moment” he said he had ever had on the air. .

“Our team played with it later, but it was no doubt as scary for us as it was for you who watched,” he said. “That reporting was interrupted, but we came back an hour later and we will continue reporting the news as we came here.” reported in 2017 that Dagley was arrested on suspicion of breaking into a galvanizing shop he once owned and drilling holes in tanks containing dangerous chemicals. He pleaded guilty to vandalism, inducing panic and attempted assault, according to Cuyahoga County court records.

After the confrontation in Gulfport, Melvin said on Twitter that what happened “is unacceptable and revolting”.