Uvalde Robb Elementary Principal Mandy Gutierrez

UVALDE, Texas School administrators were found to have failed to appropriately prepare for an armed robbery at Robb Elementary School, according to a report by the Texas House of Representatives. A statement from Gutierrez’s counsel addressed members of the House Committee on Investigations. On July 25, Gutierrez stated that she had been placed on paid administrative leave with instructions to provide clarifications on the July 17 report.

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Among other things, she addressed the door 111 locking mechanism, Wi-Fi constraints, the school’s public speaker system not being used, and the perception that the school had a “culture of complacency” because of its frequent lockdowns.

The Classroom 111 Door

Custodial employees checked the door to Room 111 every night, including the night before the incident, according to Gutierrez. She also said that on the morning of the shooting, the teacher was the one who unlocked the door. As a result, Gutierrez added, the teacher’s work day was disrupted because the printer for multiple classrooms was housed in that room, which was unlocked.

Gutierrez said, “This proves that the door locks. According to Gutierrez, teachers are aware of this issue and have devised workarounds because it is a typical occurrence in an older facility. It was Gutierrez who suggested that because the teacher was “severely wounded and has been through a horrible ordeal,” his memory would be hazy when it comes to the three-year-old complaint about the door not locking. A statement from Gutierrez reads, “I point out that I am in my first year as principal, and my predecessor has no memory or record of the allegations.

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Restrictions Imposed By Wi-Fi

Gutierrez admitted that the school has poor Wi-Fi access, but he stated that the Raptor phone app was able to notify teachers that day despite the issue. “When I ran into buffering, I did what I always do: I reloaded the page. Holding up my phone, I went to a window. I also dialed UCISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo at the same time. ‘Shut it down, Mandy.’ he said before I could speak a word. In other words, “

He claimed, “The teacher in charge of Room 111 does not recollect (receiving the warning) on his cellphone, but it does not mean that he didn’t receive the notice.” She suggested that a video taken from within the classroom would provide some insight.

The Campus Public Address System (PAS)

On the other hand, Gutierrez stated that she had been trained to use the campus public address system in “these situations,” but she had not been trained to use it in “these situations” since she had not been trained to use it in such situations.

Culture Of Complacency

“Wholeheartedly” denying any complacency on her part, Gutierrez told the committee she was given an “Accomplished” rating in a performance evaluation for creating a safe school environment.

“I Want To Keep My Job”

According to Gutierrez, the Uvalde CISD will decide whether or not she will keep her position after conducting a performance evaluation. For more than just financial reasons, “I want to keep my position so that I can continue to be on the front lines supporting children who survived, their families, and everyone else in Uvalde that I care about,” he says. Gutierrez remarked, “I will be haunted by these occurrences for the rest of my life.”

This Monday, KSAT reported that the Uvalde CISD “follows a tradition of not addressing personnel concerns,” but did not confirm Gutierrez’s suspension. The district spokeswoman said, “Please realize that information on Pete Arredondo and Mandy Gutierrez will not be disclosed.” In June, the school board put Police Chief Arredondo on administrative leave.

In a statement posted to the school district’s website on Friday, the board stated that it had postponed its meeting to consider Arredondo’s firing because of a request from Arredondo’s counsel. When KSAT asked Rep. Dustin Burrows about Gutierrez’s response Wednesday, he stated that he had not yet seen it, but the committee chair said that he was confident in the findings of his panel.

As far as I can tell, I haven’t gotten any correspondence from Ms. Gutierrez. When it came to its conclusions about the practices at Robb Elementary School, the committee relied on the testimony of numerous CISD workers (including staff and administration) and the Uvalde CISD Police Department, Burrows stated.