VERIVERY Member Minchan Will Take Break Owing to Health Difficulties

VERIVERY Member Minchan Will Take Break Owing to Health Difficulties. The 2018 addition to Jellyfish Entertainment’s roster of South Korean boy bands is called Verivery.

On January 9, 2019, they made their debut with Veri-Us. The members of Verivery and Minchan have directed and edited a number of DIY music videos, and the band members themselves have self-produced their DIY albums.

The band has stated that they draw influence from the performances of other artists, while Gyehyeon claims that Minchan compiles “all the member’s varied thoughts under his leadership” when creating their music.

VERIVERY Member Minchan
VERIVERY Member Minchan

Minchan of VERIVERY is taking time off to focus on his health. Minchan of VERIVERY has to take some time off to focus on his health. On November 26, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that “due to health concerns,” Minchan would not be participating in the group’s fan signing event scheduled for later that day.

The organisation said they would make a further statement regarding his future involvement in their activities at a later date. Jellyfish Entertainment, VERIVERY‘s record label, said on November 26 that Minchan would be unable to attend the group’s upcoming fan signing event due to health reasons.

According to the label, Minchan’s future plans are uncertain. Jellyfish Entertainment stated, “Minchan of VERIVERY will not be participating in today’s fan sign event owing to health concerns.

We appreciate everyone’s patience, and we’ll be sure to update you on future plans as soon as possible.” Don’t miss out on any VERIVERY and Minchan news.

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