Newjeans Accomplished Well Reinterpreting the Vintage Korean School Uniform

Vintage Korean School Uniform: In the early hours of December 19th, NewJeans premiered “Ditto,” the pre-release tune for their impending first single album, “OMG.” After its release in South Korea, the new single from the debut female group was greeted with overwhelming acclaim from fans and listeners alike.

In reality, “Ditto” by NewJeans has risen to the top of MelOn’s Top 100 chart in South Korea in the shortest amount of time of any song by a girl group.

Multiple aspects of the most recent comeback are being hailed as triumphant. The girls’ music videos have been praised not only for their execution of the song’s theme but also for the concept they’ve exhibited.

Vintage Korean School Uniform
Vintage Korean School Uniform

Netizens in Korea took special note of the girls’ uniforms, which were praised for their accurate reimagining of the classic Korean school uniform while simultaneously being incredibly on-trend.

NewJeans’ school uniforms were brought to the attention of the internet at large when a concerned internet user posted them.

The internet user drew attention to the school uniform and its designer, who said both western preppy uniforms of yesteryear and South Korean school uniforms from the same era influenced it.

The netizen explained, “The oversized blazer and cardigan, pleated skirt, and tie has been the basic school uniform that has been around for hundreds of years, so we can’t say it’s a style from Japan only. Also, NewJeans reinterpreted the vintage Korean school and the vintage school uniform.”

Other K-netizens also joined the community and also praised the girls by commenting, “I immediately thought of the old Korean uniforms and the uniforms from England,” “Their uniforms have a real vintage Korean feel,” “I thought it was very British feel,” “They reinterpreted the vintage uniform well, and it looks trendy at the same time,” “Those uniforms look like the ones I used to wear when I went to school,” “They are recreating the old Korean uniform style,” and “I don’t think Min Hee Jin gets inspiration from Japan much, so it’s a combination of the west and Korean old uniforms.”

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