We Never Learn Bokuben Season 3 Release Date, When It Is Going To Be Out?

The popular manga series We Never Learn by Taishi Tsutsui also goes by the name “BokuBen or We Can’t Study.” Our focus here, though, is on the equally popular anime version of the manga. The show, which combines elements of romantic comedy and slice of life, was a breakout hit among 2019’s anime offerings. Season one of the anime adaptation of the Yoshiaki Iwasaki-directed series is now concluded. The series premiered on Crunchyroll on April 7, 2019, and will conclude its run on December 29.

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It premieres alongside the season two finale. Counting “A Post-Festival Celebration of X, Both Dazzling And Lonely,” a total of 26 episodes have been made available thus far. There is a distinct audience for the anime series, which is generally well-received (6.9 average rating on IMDb). Those who are looking forward to reuniting with their favorite characters from the anime are probably wondering when Season 3 will be released and what it will entail.

We Never Learn Bokuben Season 3 Storyline: What Can We Expect?

Nariyuki, a senior in high school, took to heart the words of wisdom from his late father, who believed that even the most worthless of men should make an effort to contribute. Although he struggles academically, Yuiga is determined to make something of himself in the classroom. To help his struggling family, he sets his sights on being a VIP student candidate. This means he’ll get a full ride to college paid for by a prestigious scholarship.

He is qualified for nomination, but his classmates Rizu Ogata and Fumino Furuhashi outshine him in mathematics and literature, respectively. The nomination goes to Nariyuki, but he must meet one condition. For example, he will facilitate Rizu Ogata and Fumino Furuhashi’s enrollment in their preferred educational institution. Unfortunately, Ogata goes after the faculty of art, while Furuhashi goes after the faculty of science. And, with the exception of one or two classes, they both perform poorly academically. Nariyuki needs to figure out a good way to teach these ladies before they apply to college and it’s too late.

What Will We See In The Third Season?

Details we picked up from Manga allow us to provide a clue without giving too much away. Season 3 will reveal the identity of the person with whom Nariyuki falls hopelessly in love. After five seasons, fans of the show are dying to know which of the five female characters she ended up falling in love with. This question will be answered when the potential third season airs.

Will There Be A Third Season Of We Never Learn

At the time of this writing (May 6, 2021) the anime had not been renewed for a third season by Studios Studio Silver and Arvo Animation, the licensers, or any other company associated with the manga. We are aware that the second season of the anime is unresolved and that you are anticipating the third. The manga’s author had previously stated on Twitter that fans shouldn’t expect the same ending in either the manga or the TV show.

We Never Learn Season 1 Release Date April 7, 2019
We Never Learn Season 2 Release Date October 6, 2019
We Never Learn Season 3 Release Date Not Announced

Perhaps we’ll get to see season 3 with an anime script that does justice to the manga’s continuation. Since there has been no official word on when the anime will return, we will have to make assumptions regarding season three based on the evidence we have thus far. The manga series stands out as the most crucial component. As of the end of 2020, the manga series was concluded and is no longer being updated. However, this will not prevent you from enjoying the upcoming season. So far, 187 chapters of the manga have been released; however, only 90 were used for the first two seasons of the anime adaptation.

Meaning at least one more season can be adapted for the anime. Even while there is enough content from the manga series to make a new season, it is not enough. Disc sales reveal that the anime does not match the popularity of the source material. There are 3 million copies of the manga out there, yet only 1,300 discs are sold on average. An anime is considered successful if it sells more than 4,000 copies.

We Never Learn Bokuben Season 3 Release Date

Making a new season at this point, with this disc not selling as well as hoped, doesn’t make financial sense. Disc sales of anime generate substantial income because the genre is not streamed by major distributors like Amazon Prime or Netflix. Nonetheless, the disc sales indicate that a third season is highly unlikely. Nevertheless, we are aware that sales of discs have declined in recent years, and thus, this metric is no longer as reliable as it once was.

The worldwide success of anime is unprecedented. Assuming a third season is greenlit by the show’s decision-making body, its production cycle will take an average of 12 months. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, a new season of the anime could premiere in early 2022. If further clarification is provided, we will revise the article accordingly.

Is There A Trailer For Season 3 Of We Never Learn

The lack of a published trailer for Season 3 can be attributed to the lack of an official renewal announcement. If/when we hear anything else, like a trailer for a third season, we will make sure you see it first.