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Weak Hero Class 1 Netflix: Many Korean viewers can’t get enough of Weak Hero Class 1’s exciting action plot. The drama premiering in November is adapted from a webcomic about a bullied high school student who takes action to protect himself.

Yeon Si-Eun, played by Park Ji-hoon, is a brilliant solitary who finally snaps. Fans have been blown away by Park and the rest of the Weak Hero Class 1 cast throughout the show’s terrible tale of systemic bullying.

Kim Su-gyeom has been cast in the leading role of “Weak Hero Class 1” bully

The plot of the K-drama revolves around Si-Eun, a victim of school bullying, who finally decides to take action. Kim Su-gyeom portrays Young-bin, as the main antagonist and school bully. The character’s superiority complex causes instant fan disdain.

With Si-eun pleading for an end to the harassment, Young-bin goes too far and sets off a chain reaction of violence. Kim had previously co-starred with Park Ji-hoon in the popular Korean coming-of-age drama.

At a Distance, Spring is Green before joining the cast of Weak Hero Class 1. In addition, the actor had a supporting role in the Korean drama Juvenile Justice, which was available on Netflix. In 2020’s Love Revolution, Kim made her television acting debut.

Weak Hero Class 1 Netflix
Weak Hero Class 1 Netflix

Shin Seung-ho has gained fame for his prince role in Netflix’s ‘Alchemy of Souls’

Shin Seung-ho, in the supporting part of Jeon Seok-dae, is a member of the cast of Weak Hero Class 1. Fans anticipated seeing the actor in a villainous character after seeing the teasers. An isolated local drug dealer, Seok-dae is presented as a patron of one of the Si-tormentors.

Eun’s When his boss’s drug operation is threatened by Si-eun, he is recruited to rough her up as punishment and finds himself unexpectedly embroiled in the unfolding drama. K-drama fans were thrilled to learn that Shin will be joining the cast of Weak Hero Class 1 because of his prior infamous role.

Cast as Prince Go Won in Season 2 of the popular Korean fantasy drama Alchemy of Souls in 2022. On December 10, Shin will return for the second season of Alchemy of Souls. Before his portrayal as the prince, Shin played the tyrannical Hwang Jang-soo in the film D.P.

Actor Lee Yeon plays the supporting role of Young-yi in the action K-drama

Weak Hero Class 1 features a number of actors that have frequently shared billing in other Korean dramas. Lee Yeon plays Young-Yi, a runaway and Seok-cousin. Dae She develops feelings for Si-Eun and his crew as she seeks an escape from her drug-addled and victimised daily existence.

The actor just started out in the business, appearing in her debut role in 2019. She played An Su-jin in the military drama D.P. with Shin before she joined the cast of the action K-drama.

Baek Seong-u, a juvenile delinquent accused of murder, was portrayed by her in the Netflix drama Juvenile Justice. Lee’s acting resume also includes roles in a few film dramas with special appearances.

Weak Hero Class 1 Netflix
Weak Hero Class 1 Netflix

Hong Kyung joins the cast of ‘Weak Hero Class 1’ as the leading character Oh Beom-seok

Weak Hero Class 1 ends on a disappointing note for fans of actor Hong Kyung’s character. Oh Beom-Seok, the main protagonist, is a transfer from a privileged household and the son of a politician. Blackmail has compelled him to turn on Si-Eun.

But because of his feelings of guilt, he actively seeks out methods to assist him in standing up to his bullies and making friends with them. Yet the tragic conclusion to the character’s journey is wrenching. The 2017 film Queen of Mystery was Hong Kyung’s acting debut.

School 2017, an adolescent romance he starred in the same year, had him as the lead character, Won Byung-goo. Besides Mr Joe 2: Crime and Punishment and Hotel Del Luna, his other works have won acclaim. He portrayed Ryu Yi-Kang in D.P. among several other talented actors. Hong Kyung played Choi Jung in Lovers of the Red Sky before joining the cast of Weak Hero Class 1.

Choi Hyun-wook enamoured fans in Netflix’s ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’

Choi Hyun-wook plays the main role of An Soo-ho in Weak Hero Class 1. Soo-ho, the protagonist of the Korean drama, has a reputation for sleeping through classes and barely passing. Whether or not he continues his education beyond high school, he intends to fulfil his grandmother’s dream and graduate.

He quickly becomes Si-ally eun’s defender against his tormentors. Although Choi is still developing his acting career, he has already been in a number of critically acclaimed Korean television series.

The crime dramas Taxi Driver and Jirisan both featured him in supporting roles. For the 2021 Korean ‘Slice of Life drama Racket Boys, he played the role of Na Woo-chan. Choi, however, is most known for her role as Moon Ji-woong in the highly regarded Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

‘Weak Hero Class 1’ Actor Park Ji-hoon Was a K-pop Idol and Child Actor

With the exposure he received through Season 2 of Produce 101, Park Ji-hoon was able to land a spot in the K-Pop group Wanna One. But Park has been acting since he was a kid and has a lengthy resume.

After playing Ko Young-soo on Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency in 2019, he became a household name. Later, he became a star in Love Revolution and At a Distance, Spring is Green, both of which made women fall over him. Park makes a brief appearance in Remarriage & Desires before taking the helm of Weak Hero Class 1.

Park stars as the title character, Si-eun, a brilliant yet solitary student. His frustration with the other students in the classroom finally reaches a breaking point, and he acts violently as a result. To make matters worse, his attempts to defend himself set off a chain reaction of violence. The struggles he faces symbolise the larger social problem of abuse and bullying in schools.

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