6ix9ine, is a rapper from New York City. In addition to his aggressive rapping style, his public presence is characterised by his hairs.

Hernandez’s father was a drug dealer who spent five years in prison and had a heroin addiction. In 2010, Hernandez’s stepfather was shot and killed just outside the home.

6ix9ine had a very rough and depressing part. He came out from the bottomand rose up to the top. Click the link below to read about his struggle...

At the age of 16, Daniel started rapping. He got his first break when the CEO of a record label walked into the Brooklyn bodega Daniel was working

6IX9INE has boasted about a number of record and management deals on social media. He stated that he had signed a $7.5 million record deal

Tekashi69 has been taken into custody on numerous occasions. He entered a guilty plea in 2015 to a felony count of utilising a minor in a sexual act.

Rapper TEKASHI 69 has gained notoriety. In the music business, he has undoubtedly established himself. In the next five years

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