Amphibia Controversy: Amphibia Was Mistreated Horribly By Disney!

Controversy about the Amphibia: I’ve been a Disney fan since childhood. I grew up watching their feature films and short flicks.

The Disney Channel debuted the animated series Amphibia in 2019. A 13-year-old girl named Anne Boonchuy is thrust into an alternate reality.

What Is Amphibia?

It’s an understatement to say that Amphibia is powered by some significant skill; the people working on it are great! Matt Braly, the show’s creator, is a former student of Gravity Falls

An Update on Amphibia’s Postponed Season Finale

An Update on Amphibia’s Postponed Season Finale. Matt planned to communicate with the crowd the night before the event via a Twitch stream.

Yes, you’re reading it accurately. It was discovered this morning that the season finale of Amphibia had been added to iTunes.

Amphibia’s Season Finale Is Now Available For Download On Itunes.

Amphibia Deserves Better, Cartoons Deserve Better

The truth will be demanded from them in the coming days by both fans and employees alike if they don’t.

What’s Your Opinion?

One of Disney’s most popular series was ruined due to a breakdown in communication or blatant incompetence.

Do you share my point of view? Do you have a favorite show that you think was unfairly snubbed? Let us know what you think! It’s time to start a discussion!