The admirers of Angie! Because of her blossoming cinematic career in the ’90s, Angelina Jolie’s personal love life has become a hot topic. In the late 1980s, at the age of 14.

the Academy Award-winning actress had her first sex partner. Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, allowed him to live in their home, an odd arrangement

Jonny Lee Miller Jolie married Miller in 1996, over two years after filming Hackers together, in a civil ceremony attended only by Jolie’s mother and Miller’s best friend.

Jenny Shimizu Jolie was smitten with her Foxfire co-star, whom she dated before marrying Miller. “If I hadn’t married my husband, I probably would have married Jenny Shimizu.

Billy Bob Thornton Pushing Tin, a 1999 comedy-drama in which Jolie and Thornton starred as a married couple, is where Jolie first met Thornton.

Brad Pitt Pitt and Aniston’s divorce was blamed on Jolie’s on-set romance with Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The star of Girl, Interrupted

The Weeknd A series of dinner and concert meetings between the actress and the singer sparked relationship suspicions in July 2021. According to a source who spoke to Us exclusively in September 2021

That doesn’t stop people from guessing about her relationship status since her split from Brad, even if there have been no public romances that she’s confirmed.

A source close to The Weeknd has confirmed exclusively to HollywoodLife that the pair are merely pals. However, the relationship between him and Angie and her children is still in its infancy

as he has only been in contact with her for professional purposes and not as a romantic interest. Angelina is currently more preoccupied with her family, therefore it would be premature.