“Anna Sorokin” is her birth name. An interior designer and model, Anna Delvey has a fortune of $25 million. Anna Delvey is a native of Germany.

However, when she was suspected of fraud, things got a little more difficult for her. Anna Delvey fooled everyone into thinking she was a wealthy German socialite who had always wanted more

Anna Delvey’s Life Story Using the alias Anna Delvey, Anna Sorokin has successfully fooled a large audience and committed fraud.

On January 23, 1991, Anna was born in Domodedovo, the Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. The majority of her childhood was spent in Russia, where her father worked as a truck driver.

Anna Delvey’s Education Early on, Anna Delvey attended Episcopal School, a catholic institution in Germany. Later, she moved to London to attend Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design.

Career and Achievements of Anna Delvey Anna Delvey began her modeling career while residing in Paris. It was easier and less expensive for her to work in New York. 

Anna was finally arrested in 2017 on charges of fraud and a felony offense. She defrauded numerous financial institutions, including banks and hotels.

Anna Delvey’s Net Worth By fraudulently claiming that she had a net worth of more than $ 25 million offshore, Anna Sorokin  conned hundreds of friends.

Anna Delvey Net Worth Growth Net Worth in 2022$25 Million Net Worth in 2021$28 Million Net Worth in 2020$30 Million

Net Worth in 2019$40 Million Net Worth in 2018$55 Million Net Worth in 2017$65 Million

Netflix took advantage of the opportunity to produce a series on her life and made her famous.