Yaz and Sammy’s solid relationship shows that Yaz will never give up on Sammy, unlike Darius, who did after all the evidence pointed to Ben’s death.

Who is Kenji’s girlfriend, Camp Cretaceous? 15-year-old Kenji claims to live in a mansion complete with a bowling alley since he comes from a well-to-do family.

Who Is Darius’ Girlfriend In Cretaceous? On their journey, Kenji tells Darius that he has a girlfriend named Brooklynn.

In Camp Cretaceous, from Jurassic World, is Darius a teenager?  It was after winning a computer game that he accepted the invitation to join Camp Cretaceous as a 12-year-old boy.

Stated Age:  Camp Cretaceous’s Yasmina Background. Yasmina “Yaz” Fadoula, a 15-year-old junior Heptathlon champion, was sponsored by Jurassic World.

What Is Kenji Camp Cretaceous’ Age? 15-year-old Kenji claims to have a bowling alley in his home because he comes from a wealthy family.

What Happened to Darius’s Father in Camp Cretaceous? Fredrick Bowman is the father of Darius Bowman, a dinosaur enthusiast.

He and Darius had planned a trip to Jurassic World a while back, but he became unwell and died soon after.

Who Else at Camp Cretaceous Does Brooklyn Have Strong Feelings for? When Brooklynn spends time with Kenji in season 4, she comes to the conclusion that she is infatuated with the Japanese student.

Is Bumpy Ever Going to Leave This Island? Possibly. Bumpy, a popular dinosaur, is seen as cheerful and surrounded by her kind as the kids leave the island in the third season finale.