It’s estimated that Ben Affleck has a net worth of $150 million. Writing and acting in Good Will Hunting and directing and starring in Argo are probably his most well-known works.

Ben Affleck’s Early Life The son of Chris and Tim Affleck, Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt was born in Berkeley, California, on August 15, 1972. Mother: Schoolteacher; Father: Playwright

Collaboration With Matt Damon For years, Ben and Matt had a mutual ambition of becoming professional actors, and they worked together to fulfill that dream.

Collaboration With Kevin Smith Kevin Smith has collaborated with Affleck on numerous occasions. In 1995, Ben appeared in Smith’s film “Mallrats” as a supporting actor

A Rising Star Affleck was free to choose better jobs after the success of “Good Will Hunting.” “Armageddon” was one of his first significant triumphs

Directing As a young filmmaker, Ben developed an interest in directing and studied as much as he could from the people he worked with.

Awards and Honors Good Will Hunting (best original screenplay, co-written with Matt Damon) and Argo both earned Affleck Academy Award nominations for him

Major Paydays Ben Affleck has always been paid well for his roles as a leading man, even when he was just starting out. When the screenplay was sold, he and Matt Damon both took home $300,000.

Charity and Philanthropy Many worthy groups have benefited from Ben Affleck’s generosity, including the Paralyzed Veterans of America

Real Estate A house in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades district cost Jen and Ben $17.55 million in 2009. Brian Grazer, a producer, was the seller. Jennifer stayed in this residence.