Although he was no longer an ex-cop who resigned from the Louisiana police force after being accused of lying about roughing up a victim, the self-styled Cajun John Wayne was back

in action on Wednesday. Even when he filmed viral crime-stopper films for the second of two Louisiana police departments that later hired him, Clay Higgins’ strong language was no longer intended.

Using the publicity that he received as a result of the recordings, Higgins was able to win the Democratic primary for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District.

It’s important for Congressman Gallow to choose his words carefully in light of the potential for retaliation that could result from his or anyone else’s remarks, according to Gallow.

As the first eyewitness on the screen stated, “Hi, my name is Nicole and nearly 10 years ago, I survived the Sandy Hook tragedy in my elementary school,” “Even now,

At the procession, Sallak says, “I looked up and saw a man emerge from the second-floor roof line with a long pistol pointed at my family.” It was the only thing

After that, we had Ashbey Beasley, another Highland Park survivor, speak to us. My son lost a large portion of his innocence as we rushed for our lives, clinging to one other

After that, a teenager whose sister was one of the 19 children murdered in Texas in May spoke forward. My name is Jasmine Cazares. At the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde

Greetings, my name is Ana Rodriguez. Maite Rodriguez was killed in the Robb school shooting on May 24, 2022. When she was 10, Maite had aspirations of studying marine biology

Why are the ATF and FBI coming to our house so soon?” During the night. American residents who are defending their houses from shadowy figures carrying guns