After being ejected out of a Lyft by the driver, a 43-year-old former New York governor’s office staffer was struck and killed early Sunday morning.

While wandering along a Delaware highway, authorities said. According to the Delaware State Police, Sid Wolf, of Gaithersburg, Maryland, was riding in a car with friends

When the driver abruptly stopped the vehicle and left them standing in the middle of the road near Dewey Beach, Delaware, at around 2 a.m.

To avoid hitting the group of Lyft riders who were standing in the southbound lane, a 27-year-old Toyota Corolla driver attempted to swerve and instead struck one of them

There have been no further reports of injuries among the other passengers. According to the state police, the Corolla driver pulled over while the Lyft driver took off.

St. Louis native Wolf, a Syracuse University public policy major, served as the New York Executive Chamber’s associate director of federal affairs from July 2019 to December.

Alexander Cochran, a longtime friend, and colleague stated that Wolf had traveled to Delaware with a group of friends to celebrate the primary victory over the weekend.

Wolf was described by Cochran as “a ball of energy” who had a laughing, self-deprecating manner and a passion for athletics.

There were many people who remembered Sid as a happy person who also served as a good husband and parent as well as a friend and neighbor, according to the memorial page.

According to Cochran, “He was an excellent father.” “He would just play with those kids on the floor.”