Trump Passports Seized During An Fbi Raid On Mar-a-lago Have Been Returned To The Former President.

Former President Donald Trump’s passports, which were taken by the FBI during a search of his South Florida home last week, have been returned to him, a law enforcement source confirmed to CBS News.

The warrant and accompanying documents also stated that the president is being investigated for probable violations of three federal crimes, including the Espionage Act

and specifically the provision of that act dealing with gathering, transferring, or losing defense material. Since the FBI’s investigation, Trump has repeatedly

chastised the Justice Department and the FBI, claiming without evidence that it was a politically motivated attack aimed at President Biden’s potential rival in 2024.

On Friday, Trump claimed that his legal team had been complying with the government’s requests for the papers, but CBS News discovered that weeks before the search

According to two individuals, the certification came following a June 3 meeting between Justice Department officials and Trump’s lawyers at the South Florida property

and a grand jury subpoena was also issued in the spring. After the former president’s attorney confirmed that all classified files had been removed from Mar-a-Lago,

Trump has also stated that some of the documents obtained by the FBI were protected by attorney-client and executive privilege, and that “they knowingly should not have been taken

The reference to filter agents by Bratt, on the other hand, shows that the FBI is striving to guarantee that federal prosecutors do not process sensitive material outside the limits.