The Viral Fever presents the Indian online series, ImMature, which is a comedy web series about an Indian family. An aspiring young man named Dhruv will be the subject.

Do You Know Who Sameer Saxena Is? The Viral Fever Originals, if you will. Sameer Saxena, Chief Officer, And CFO Arunabh Kumar founded TVF seven years ago (The Viral Fever).

Plot In the show, we see Dhruv Sharma, who has difficulty making decisions and is continually hindered by his friends’ opinions when it comes time to make any kind of decision.

– Omkar Kulkarni plays Dhruv Sharm in this movie. – Rashmi Agdekar portrays Chhavi Upadhya in the film. – Chinamay Chandraunshush impresses in her portrayal of Kabir Bhuller.

ImMature’s first season was directed by Prem Mistry, and the show’s writers, Nishad Zaveri, Suprit Kundar, and Abhishek Yadav, wrote one episode’s worth of disagreements on how Dhruva should go.

SEASONS RELEASE DATE  ImMature Season 1 Release Date20 February 2019 ImMature Season 2 Release Date Show renewed, No release date

IMDb has given the series a rating of 8.8 stars, and The Times of India has given it a rating of 3.5.

Trailer for Season 2 of ImMature Even if the second part hasn’t been renewed, the trailer hasn’t been released yet.

Season two has yet to be set a release date by the show’s creators and producers. A second season is greatly anticipated by the fans, and we expect it to be released as soon as feasible.

It’s because it’s a statement from the creators and producers of the show. You may stream Season 2 using many different platforms, including MX Player.