According to reports, text conversations from two top Homeland Security officials regarding the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol were deleted abruptly and may not be recoverable.

Washington Post reports that despite the clear necessity to preserve documents connected to the attack, messages sent by Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf

and Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli were wiped as part of a so-called “phone reset” in the weeks following the incident. Despite knowing about the missing cases

as early as February 2021, the department’s inspector general failed to notify Congress or take any action to recover the messages.

Shocking new details have emerged regarding the most serious attempt in American history to thwart the peaceful transition of power from one president to another.

Following Secret Service claims that text communications from agents involved in responding to the Jan. 6 attack were accidentally destroyed, this latest development comes.

Why were all the texts permitted to be erased in apparent clear violation of federal records preservation standards and specific demands to save all information connected to Jan. 6?

Both Cuffari and the Jan. 6 committee have previously been involved in a damaging stalemate over agents’ behavior, including some who had direct contact with former President Trump

A spotlight was shone on the agents guarding Trump after witness Cassidy Hutchinson revealed that she was told the former president physically attacked one of them in an attempt to force them

Inside the Capitol, Pence refused to get into a Secret Service van for concern that they would take him away without his permission.”