Jeffrey Epstein was an American banker, pedophile, and convicted criminal, Jeffrey Epstein At the time of his death in August 2019, Jeffrey Epstein had a net worth of $500 million.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Early Life

On January 20, 1953, Jeffrey Epstein was born in Brooklyn, New York. When he was in high school, he attended Lafayette High School.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Teaching Career

In September 1974, Jeffrey Epstein began working as a high school physics and math teacher at the Dalton School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

Jeffrey Epstein’s Investment Banking Career

In 1976, Jeffrey Epstein worked as a junior assistant to a floor trader at Bear Stearns. Jeffrey Epstein quickly rose through the ranks as an options trader.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Net Worth

Epstein had a net worth of at least $500 million at his death. He may have had a fortune depending on the value of his real estate holdings and bank accounts.

Epstein’s Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2019 (Death)$740 Million Net Worth in 2018$710 Million Net Worth in 2017$690 Million Net Worth in 2016$660 Million Net Worth in 2015$640 Million


When Epstein established J. Epstein & Co. in 1982, it was the beginning of his career as a financial advisor. The firm’s purpose was to handle clients’ assets.

Homes And Assets

With an impressive track record of financial acumen, Epstein died with a fortune estimated at no less than $500 million.

Arrest on Prostitution Charges

Epstein was the target of an 11-month police investigation on allegations that he had paid escorts to engage in sexual acts with him.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

There have been reports that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his detention cell on August 10, 2019. Several weeks prior, he had tried suicide. He was sixtieth.