Senator John N. Kennedy of Massachusetts voted against a $290 billion plan that received bipartisan passage this week to subsidize technology companies’ manufacturing

and increase spending on scientific research. “These are extraordinary American companies that Congress just helped,” Kennedy said in an interview. “But

they’re very profitable, and the supply of chips is growing. My concern is the amount of money. For that amount, we could have doubled the R&D tax credit for every company in America.”

Kennedy, a Madisonville Republican, is standing for re-election this year. His three Democratic opponents in the primary all stated they supported the plan, which attempts to counter

On national security, jobs, and the rising cost of basics like the family automobile, Sen. Kennedy had the CHIPS Act to choose between siding with China or the American people.

Countered Kennedy: “I’ve heard the argument about the China threat. I get that. People say it’s an investment, not spending. But I fear we’ve entered a period of stagflation.

A former Navy fighter pilot who now flies for Delta Air Lines and lives in Baton Rouge remarked of Senator Kennedy, “He talks a lot, but he doesn’t get anything done

Syria Steib, the executive director of a New Orleans-based group dedicated to providing post-release assistance to female offenders, also took issue with Kennedy’s remarks.

She questioned, “Why does Sen. Kennedy continue to vote against legislation that would immediately enhance our state and national economy and supply chain?

Chips Act will bring semiconductor manufacturing to the United States and stimulate R&D while alleviating some of our present supply chain difficulties.”