Marvel Studios’ inaugural panel focused on its expanding slate of animated content that got thousands of fans quite — um — animated. It comes after the studio’s first show, What If…?,

The lovable Guardians of the Galaxy character, Groot, will star in a five-part miniseries called I Am Groot, in which he gets up to all sorts of mischief and even learns to dance.

Teenager Peter Parker will attend high school in Spider-Man: Freshman Year, which will introduce him to new friends as well as a new group of foes. Daredevil, played by actor Charlie Cox

There was no film, but a lot of new character concepts were displayed by Marvel. Inspired by Steve Ditko-meets-Alex Toth, the supporting cast was diverse and reinvented.

The first MCU animated series, What If…?, reimagines key incidents in the canon with different outcomes. The second season will premiere in 2023, and the third season is already under development

In the first episode of What If…? season one, a group of undead superheroes appeared. undead Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, and the Scarlet Witch are among the zombies in the series

When Marvel released a reel of original cast members and show creators from the original series, it was a nod to the show’s influence on the live-action comic book movies of the early 2000s

To promote the fall 2023 release of the film X-Men ’97, a promotional image from the film depicted a group of the Xavier Institute’s students, faculty, and alumni posing for photos with Wolverine

According to De Mayo, the production will be as true to the original as possible: “It is a giant soap opera. It’s all about who wants to kiss who and who is staring awkwardly at whom

As a result of seeing this show, I’ve learned to embrace my unique self-expression. It doesn’t matter how you feel about [X-Men]. The world can learn a lot from them, too.”