Ojani Lazaro Noa, better known as Ojani Noa, is a well-known actor and producer best recognized for his acting and producing abilities and his marriage to American singer Jennifer Lopez.

Ojani Noa Was Born In Which Country? Ojani Noa, a Cuban actor, and model, are well-known in the country. On this day in 1974, he was conceived.

His father, Francisco Noa, is from Cuba, where he was born. His mother’s identity remains a mystery to this day. Ojani was born on June 11th and is a Gemini by birth sign.

Ojani Noa’s Personal Life Perhaps Single, the relationship status of his accomplice in crime, Ojani Noa. His personal life is also kept out of the public eye.

Ojani Noa was previously married to Jennifer Lopez, his longtime criminal partner and current wife of Alex Rodriguez. They also met while he was working as a server in Miami Beach at a restaurant.

Professional Career Before making the transition to acting, Ojani worked as a cook. ‘Rapping and Rhyming’ was his first acting performance, in which he played Dan Valdez.

Relationship Between Jennifer Lopez And Ojani Noa Ojani’s private life appears to be somewhat contentious. Ojani Noa was working as a server when JLo walked in and introduced herself to him.

Who Did Ojani Noa Later Date? Noa began dating Claudia Vasquez, an American actress, in 2001, after their divorce from Jenifer.

However, Ojani’s preoccupation with his Ex, Jenifer, caused the couple to part ways. As of right now, there is no information available on his love life.

Ojani Noa’s Net Worth According to several estimates, Ojani’s net worth will be approximately $1.5 million in 2022. Previously, Ojani worked as a cook for many years.