Aegis TAT is the amount of time it takes from the moment a sample enters our lab tracking system till the moment test results are made public.

The time it takes to get there is not included in this price. After collection, Aegis collaborates with all its collection partners to create the most of overnight shipment to its lab.

The gateway will show that the sample has been received and testing has begun once it has been received by the lab and the testing has begun.

The results will be posted on the door as soon as the testing is finished. When your test results are revealed, you will receive an email with the results

Health care practitioners, epidemiologists, virologists, and laboratory scientists have frequently found themselves fighting an uphill struggle in the dissemination

and treatment of patients infected with COVID-19, despite substantial advances in their understanding of the virus causes COVID-19.Recently, we’ve learned that the SARS-CoV-2 virus

The FDA’s statement is further bolstered by newly published studies that show the TaqPath kit is not susceptible to false negative results

through testing individuals infected with COVID variants because it targets three genes in testing. These novel variant strains may affect other testing methods that do not involve three gene targets.

Throughout the Pandemic, our clinical and laboratory experts team will closely monitor the scientific literature and clinical testing guidelines.

Our goal is to assist physicians in making better decisions. We will continue to do so by delivering results as quickly, accurately, and technically as possible as we have in the past.