Mr. and Mrs. Hillman had a son named Richard Charles Hillman in December of 1951. In the early years of Richard’s life, his father abandoned him and his mother in favor of a new love interest.

Coronation Street’s antagonist Richard Charles Hillman appeared in the show from Episode 5060 (June 20th, 2001) until Episode 5460 (March 14th, 2003).

Richard, despite appearing to be a “family man” to Gail and her children, was plagued by financial problems and a predilection for murder.

On the night before they were to leave Weatherfield with her children to begin a new life together, Gail began to doubt Richard’s sincerity.

He abducted Gail, her children Sarah and David Platt, as well as Gail’s granddaughter Bethany, and then attempted to drown them all in a canal.

After the death of his mother, Richard met and married Patrica. They formed a partnership and she received a 20% stake in his property company.

When Richard Hillman showed up for Alma Baldwin’s funeral in June 2001, he encountered Janice Battersby, the first Coronation Street resident to whom he revealed his identity.

Richard set Audrey’s house on fire one night while Gail was sleeping. Firefighters saved her life. Archie Shuttleworth, a friend of Audrey’s, stepped in to defend her from Richard

In December 2002, he considered strangling Emily to death with a pillow, but he changed his mind. When he ultimately decided to kill Emily in January 2003, he had a plan.

In spite of his reluctance, Richard accepted and came dangerously near to confessing guilt in a speech, but he held his tongue.

He later confessed to killing Patricia and burying her beneath the foundations of his flats, something he had previously denied doing. Rather than admitting he was having an affair with Gail

In spite of Richard’s death, the Platt family would live with the memories of him forever. It’s not uncommon for them and those who knew him to bring up his name in conversation.


The information about Richard that Rosemary received came from Audrey Roberts’ ex-boyfriend Lewis Archer, who later revealed her to be a fraud.