Despite the fans’ favorable feedback, the Punisher series ended after season 2. Jon Bernthal, who is well-known for his work as a daredevil, gets cast in the famous series.

The show’s central character, has stated that there is still a potential for Season 3 of The Punisher to be released. Well, a statement from the main character is something that isn’t funny.

Punisher Is An Action Fiction Series The first episode of the American action series “Punisher” was published on November 17ber 17, 2017. Because it follows a fascinating plot related to marvel.

Why Was Season Three Of Punisher Cancelled? The Punisher’s second season was ordered within a month, after the first season’s premiere. The Punisher season 2 gained popularity.

Expect a Punisher Season 3? People were disappointed that the show had to be discontinued. While there was still a need for season 3 of the punisher, things were gradually becoming less clear.

In an interview, the actor admitted as much, “I can’t tell you how much that means to me because I value Frank so much. It’s incredibly humbling how much people sort of responded.

The Punisher Season 3 Expected Cast

– Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle / Punisher – Ebon Moss-Bachrach as David Lieberman / Micro – Ben Barnes as Billy Russo / Jigsaw – Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani

The Punisher Season 3 Trailer A trailer for Season 3 of The Punisher has not yet been released. Let’s take a look at The Punisher season 2’s official trailer, shall we?

Punisher: Is Good and Bad? The Punisher is the series’ major protagonist, and even though you may easily assume he’s the bad guy without seeing the movie, he isn’t.


– The Punisher’s 8.5/10 IMDb rating. – Regarding, they gave the program an 8.5/10 rating.

– The average number of rotten tomatoes for the show is merely 64%. – The show has received more than 2,000 ratings,