UVALDE, Texas School administrators were found to have failed to appropriately prepare for an armed robbery at Robb Elementary School, according to a report by the Texas House of Representatives.

A statement from Gutierrez’s counsel addressed members of the House Committee on Investigations. On July 25, Gutierrez stated

that she had been placed on paid administrative leave with instructions to provide clarifications on the July 17 report.

Among other things, she addressed the door 111 locking mechanism, Wi-Fi constraints, the school’s public speaker system not being used, and the perception that the school had a...

The Classroom 111 Door Custodial employees checked the door to Room 111 every night, including the night before the incident, according to Gutierrez.

She also said that on the morning of the shooting, the teacher was the one who unlocked the door. As a result, Gutierrez added, the teacher’s work day was disrupted

Gutierrez said, “This proves that the door locks. According to Gutierrez, teachers are aware of this issue and have devised workarounds because it is a typical occurrence in an older facility.

Restrictions Imposed By Wi-Fi Gutierrez admitted that the school has poor Wi-Fi access, but he stated that the Raptor phone app was able to notify teachers that day despite the issue.

The Campus Public Address System (PAS) On the other hand, Gutierrez stated that she had been trained to use the campus public address system in “these situations,

“Wholeheartedly” denying any complacency on her part, Gutierrez told the committee she was given an “Accomplished” rating in a performance evaluation for creating a safe school environment.