Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, also known as Zanessa, were formerly Disney Channel’s most popular couple. While portraying Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez in High School musicals.

Sources close to the situation told E! News that their breakup was not particularly dramatic. “No third party was involved,” the investigators concluded.

Both parties have since moved on and established other relationships following their long-term love. But where are they right now, exactly? J-14 decided to find out for themselves!

How Did Zac And Vanessa Meet? It’s thanks to Disney Channel fans that these two have been reunited. In 2014, Zac told The Hollywood Reporter that being paired with Vanessa

Is There Any News On Zac And Vanessa’s Engagement? However, in 2009, there was a widely circulated online rumor that the Baywatch star had proposed to the brunette beauty

How Long Did Zac And Vanessa Have Their Relationship On The Line? While the actual date of Zac and Vanessa’s union is a mystery, it was most likely during the production of the HSM films

Why Did Zac And Vanessa Break Up? Even though Zac and Vanessa appeared to have the perfect relationship with the world, their relationship was far from flawless.

Is There Still A Friendship Between Zac And Vanessa? The ex-lovers aren’t talking to each other anymore. Despite the fact that he and his ex-girlfriend had broken up.

Do Vanessa And Zac Regret Their Relationship? There’s nothing wrong with them thinking about their romance even though it ended a long time ago.

Will Zac And Vanessa Ever Get Back Together? The two of them have both gone on to new relationships! Austin Butler and Vanessa dated for nine years before they broke up in January 2020.