When Does ‘Wednesday’ Come To Netflix? ‘Wednesday’ Release Date Details

Wednesday Addams is ready to bring all the mayhem. The show’s main teaser and new photos were released on August 17. Here’s a rundown of everything we know

Numerous media adaptations of The Addams Family have appeared over the years, including the 1990s film series starring Christina Ricci as Wednesday.

What’s Going On On Wednesday? The eight-episode television series Wednesday will follow a slightly more mature Wednesday Addams as she manages her life and education.

“Misadventures of Wednesday Addams as a student at Nevermore Academy, a rather unusual boarding school tucked away in the heart of New England.

Wednesday’s Netflix Storyline The Wednesday episode of Netflix explores the titular character’s time as a student at the Nevermore Academy in the little town of Jericho

where she has both friends and foes! She must manage brand-new, complicated relationships, master her developing psychic gift, and stop a horrific murdering spree

Wednesday Cast and Crew Wednesday will have an exceptionally outstanding cast. Jenna Ortega, who has appeared in You, Yes Day, Scream, and The Fallout, will play Wednesday

The official teaser trailer featured Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams for the first time. We witness the famed Addams child as well as the family’s dependable friend Thing, a live severed hand.

Development Details Wednesday has first mentioned as an untitled The Addams Family project under Tim Burton in October 2020. Following the addition of the showrunners and executive producers,

Netflix officially ordered eight episodes of the project in February 2021. Filming began in September of that year in Bucharest, Romania. It is scheduled to be completed in February 2022.