On July 15th, 2022, Zombies 3 will be released on Disney+. In anticipation of the highly anticipated Disney Original movie, Zombies 3

fans are eager to learn more about the characters’ personal lives. Meg Donnelly, better known as cheerleader Addison, is a famous actress.

The relationship between Meg Donnelly and Noah Zulfikar was verified by the couple. However, Meg Donnelly’s relationship status has just changed.

Numerous rumors are floating around the internet about Meg Donnelly’s love life. I discovered the truth about her love life, including who she is now dating

What is Meg Donnelly’s name? Her name is Meg Donnely, and she’s a US actress. Meg Elizabeth Donnelly is the full name of the girl.

Her birthday is the 25th of July, which makes her a year old today. Meg was born in New York City, although she grew up in the Garden State.

Six years old, Donnely began learning numerous art abilities, including voice, dance, and acting. One of the show’s primary cast members, Ash Meg, started her career in 2013 with Netflix’s Team Toon

Many additional TV and film roles have been filled by Meg Donnelly. She appeared at the 2017 SOHO International Film Festival premiere of the feature film The Broken Ones.

The Winchesters, a spinoff of Supernatural, has cast Meg as Mary Campbell. Announcing the news was done in March of the following year.

Is Meg Donnelly In A Relationship With Milo Manheim? Rumors that Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim are dating are increasing as the third chapter of Zombies nears its release.

Is Noah Zulfikar Meg Donnelly’s Boyfriend? Who will Meg Donnelly be dating in 2022, if not her Zombies 3 co-star Milo Manheim? It has been reported that Meg Donelly is seeing her Zombies 2

We don’t know how their relationship began, but we can assume that they met on the set of Zombies 2. Noah’s Instagram features numerous photos of him

This means that in 2022, Meg Donnelly sees Noah Zulfikar rather than Milo Manheim. As much as we adored Addison in Disney’s Zombies, she is an excellent performer.