Xbox has released camping-themed clothing and accessory line. As opposed to the type of computer game that sees the organization cheat 100 Thieves out of its clothing line,

Microsoft is actually practically touching the grass with the camper collection, which contains a selection of shorts and tops, as well a number of goods such as hammocks.

Some of the products in the list look extremely cool, given that most people don’t generally equate gaming with going outdoors. With a bright green color and twice as much weight, Xbox’s Camp Chair

Left: Helinox Chair Zero. Right: The Xbox Camper Folding Chair is shown in a mirror image in this illustration. Around 2012, Helinox debuted its chair in its original form.

Hammocks are also a good option, though they’re not for everyone. They’re great for camping because they can be slung between two trees, and they don’t take up much space.

Even as an outsider, I’m puzzled by the “camper” marketing strategy of Microsoft, which seems to link some of these items together. These “exploring the vast outdoors”

Clearly, this is a theatrical catchphrase. Although cotton clothing has been linked to several unfortunate fatalities in the past, it’s unlikely that wearing this ABXY Heath Tee would result

And even if that doesn’t kill you, “You’re going to have an awful time,” in the words of sans undertale. Furthermore, precipitation isn’t the only source of moisture.

That being said, I’m not going to inflate the gravity of the situation. Hiking is more enjoyable if you wear a shirt made of wool or a fashionable sports fabric instead of one that isn’t.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing any of these gear—I’ll even concede that the Xbox-y Outdoors patterns are fantastic. However, unless you consider sitting near a spawn point to be “camping,”