Welcome to Eden season 2 Release Date Status, Cast And Everything We Know So Far!

Fans of Welcome to Eden have been enthralled since seeing the first episode, which was released on Netflix on May 6. On a tropical paradise island, a group of adolescents is invited to an exclusive party for what is intended to be the introduction of a new drink brand. However, the event quickly degenerates into something far more sinister.

Things quickly turn perilous for the kids when they realize that they have been trapped on the secluded island as part of a violent game. Initially, the trip seemed like a dream come true. With cliffhangers that will leave you wanting more, the first season of The Walking Dead has been an excellent binge-watching experience.

Welcome to Eden season 2 premiere date: When is it going to air?

Official information about the future of Welcome to Eden and a possible second season has not been released as of May 2022, according to IMDB. As a result, there is hope that the numerous unanswered issues we were left with after the season one conclusion will be answered — because it suggests that at least the writers have further plans in store.

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If the show is renewed, we can expect to learn more about what happened on the island around the same period the year after that, in May 2023.

Before making a choice on whether or not to renew a show, Netflix typically provides the show a 28-day trial period to generate interest and revenue (though their decisions have been a lot more abrupt and reversible lately). This suggests that there is still time for consumers to keep watching and for Netflix to confirm a second season, which is a good sign.

Welcome to Eden Season 2 Cast: Who’s returning and who’s new?

If the show gets renewed for a second season, we may expect the following to be back:

The cast includes: Amaia Aberasturi as Zoa, Amaia Salamanca as Astrid, Belinda Peregrn as Africa, Begoa Vargas as Bel, Diego Garisa as Ibón, Tomy Aguilera as Charly, Berta Castaé as Gabi, Max Sampietro as Isaac, Lola Rodriguez as Mayka, Guillermo Pfening as Erick, Sergio Momo as Nico, Irene (Eloy).

However, it’s unlikely that Judith (Ana Mena), Aldo, Ulises, David, and Claudia (Berta Vazquez all died in season one, so it’s unlikely that they’ll show up in the upcoming season save in a flashback or a surprising return from the grave.

Welcome to Eden season 2 plot: What will happen?

Season one ended on a dramatic note as fans saw Zoa and Charly attempt to flee the island as the advent of the new recruits acted as a distraction for the other survivors. Like Zoa’s gang, the incoming kids had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they first arrived.

Zoe, on the other hand, was apprehended by Ulises just as she was about to board the boat and attacked for trying to flee. It was fortunate that Ibón came to Zoa’s aid and ended up killing Ulises in the scuffle. The death of Ulises begs the question of how Ibón’s character will be developed in the upcoming season, given that this was something utterly out of character for him at the time of the incident.

When Africa unintentionally activated a satellite in Astrid and Erick’s home, she discovered a secret room full of technology, and she accidentally activated a satellite by touching a button on one of its panels. Africa was trapped in the room after alarms went off and doors were closed.

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After a season filled with surprising disclosures and suspense, the show’s first season finished in the most unexpected way possible.

Zoa was about to board the boat that would transport her to freedom when she saw her sister Gabi making her way toward the island. In the end, it appears that Gabi is now one of the island’s newest guests as we watched her battle to figure out what had happened to her sister throughout the season.

Is Zoa going to board the ship or will she return to save her younger sister? Sending a signal out into space, what does it mean? Is Africa going to be found out and punished? In addition, what is the true purpose of the Eden Foundation? Season three, I hope, will provide some answers.

Welcome to Eden Season 2 Trailer

Sadly, no trailer has been released because the show has yet to be renewed. If there’s enough interest in season two to warrant a trailer, we’ll see it in the month running up to the launch.

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As promised, we’ll keep you in the loop. The first season trailer is available now, and you can binge-watch Season 1 on Netflix if you want to keep yourself entertained until we get further information. It’s now possible to watch Welcome to Eden on Netflix.