What Is Xresolver? Why It Is Important, And How To Fix It?

There is a bad reputation attached to xResolver, which is a database or website. For your benefit, we take the time to learn more about the subject.

If you’re looking into what xResolver is, you’re probably already tense. Players, hackers, and concerns about online security and privacy have all been swirling around the database. Take a deep breath and continue reading, my friend, since knowledge is power in this realm. The purpose of xResolver should be discussed before we go into the details of how it works. This is where our story begins, in the elitist/toxic energy that has long pervaded some strands of video game society.What Is The Purpose Of Xresolver

It’s important to remember that video games were created primarily for the purpose of amusement. When online games advanced to the point that competition between players became conceivable, some people became enthralled by the experience. The way we react to the sensation of defeat is critical. As a result, xResolver was created and is used for revenge, bullying, and other forms of antisocial activity on the internet.

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What Is The Purpose Of Xresolver, And How Does It Work?

Gamertags and online profiles’ IP addresses are stored in xResolver, a database/website that is open to the general public. It is important to keep in mind that this particular piece of information is publicly accessible, hence it is permissible to post it on a public website.

What this means is that anyone who is trying to figure out your PS4, Xbox One, or PC IP address isn’t always thinking of your best interests. Who cares about your IP address if your buddies don’t? a hacker. xResolver makes confidential information about your internet connection and online identity available to anyone with an interest. DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) assaults can now be used against you in a variety of ways. Let’s imagine you’re playing a competitive game of League of Legends and you’ve just beaten a player to a pulp.

The athlete in question is enraged and wants to retaliate. Because xResolver.com has your IP address, they could use it to target your internet connection to slow it down to a crawl. In other words, it’s absolutely awful.

What Is The Purpose Of Xresolver

Things That It Doesn’t Do (But Octosniff Does)

In reality, xResolver does not acquire any of this information. Instead of a tool for gathering information, think of it as a repository for previously collected knowledge. OctoSniff, a tool that enables hackers to steal IP data from unsuspecting victims, lies at the heart of this problem. OctoSniff is a program that runs in the background as you play a game, collecting data and decrypting it so you can understand it. Gamertags and IDs may be identified using this information. This information can now be submitted to xResolver and used by anyone with an interest in it. And, as we’ve already established, it isn’t likely to be for a good cause. What Is The Purpose Of Xresolver

When Xresolver Lists You, What Should You Do?

It is possible to key in a Gamertag/PSN ID on the xResolver website and see if the website already has information linked to that account’s IP address. At this time, the website says that they have “settled” nearly 25 million accounts. If your name appears in the xResolver database, it’s a bad sign, but it’s not the end of the world. Simply being on the site does not imply that someone is actively seeking to damage you, as previously indicated. It simply means that you participated in an online game with a jerk who scraped your data and then made it public.

The xResolver website and others like it claim that if you pay for a premium service, they will “blacklist” your information. This information may be deleted from a single web site’s database, but they won’t guarantee that their competitors do the same. What’s going on is that they’re trying to con you out of your money. Because they have no real authority to protect you, they don’t need to be bargained with in the first place. You should instead update your IP address and take steps to ensure its security in the future.

What Is The Purpose Of Xresolver

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How To Secure Your Online Privacy By Changing Your Ip Address

Depending on your hardware and setup, changing your IP address may be as simple as turning on and off your router. It’s more difficult to change your public IP address (rather than your local one) than it is to do it on your relevant device. Unplugging your router for a few minutes maybe the easiest remedy, as previously advised. The IP address of your computer can be checked for free at the following website. Your IP address will change, but it won’t prevent another hacker from putting your new information on xResolver.

Investing in a virtual private network (VPN) is a long-term answer. To keep your identity safe from hackers and scammers, VPN companies make it simple to swap out your IP address. VPNs are a good value for the money, and they also offer a few extra perks.

Final Thoughts

Please let us know if this small tutorial has eased your anxieties about xResolver. We shouldn’t allow them to stand in the way of our fun, no matter how bad they are. As far as I’m concerned, gaming is for everyone and that’s it.