Where Can I Watch Ghosts Season 1: Watch On CBS And HBO Max

Where Can I Watch Ghosts Season 1: The premiere date of the highly anticipated second season of the smash hit new comedy Ghosts on CBS has been announced. After the first season of the adaptation that aired on BBC One attracted eight million viewers, which was the second most of any sitcom on the network, along with high praise from critics and audiences alike, the show unquestionably earned itself a second outing back in January.

Beginning on Thursday, September 29, at the new time of 8:30 p.m., Season 2 of Haunting Hour will make its return to the comedy lineup of the network. In Ghosts, Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar play the young couple Samantha and Jay, who are about to move into the home of their dreams, which is an idyllic country house that formerly belonged to Samantha’s distant relative Sophie Woodstone.

The house is haunted by the ghost of Samantha’s ancestor, who died there. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the house, they discover that it is in a state of complete disrepair, and, as is typical of strange houses inherited from distant relatives, it is haunted by the ghosts of people who once lived there.

Samantha is the only one who can hear or see them after she has an experience similar to Jay’s that brings her closer to the afterlife. Jay is unable to do so. In the process of transforming their run-down home into a bed and breakfast, a married couple experience hilarity brought on by the various ghosts who, to show off their unique personalities, judge everything the couple does.

Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, Richie Moriarty, Asher Grodman, Sheila Carassco, Devan Chandler Long, Rebecca Wisocky, and Román Zaragosa are some of the other notable actors who appear in the hit comedy alongside McIver and Ambedkar. This Americanized version of British comedy was created by the same people who were responsible for the sketch comedy show Horrible Histories, which is aimed at children.

Joe Port and Joe Wiseman served as showrunners on this project. Lionsgate and BBC Studios in Los Angeles collaborated to produce the television show as part of their ongoing partnership.

The second season of Ghosts will pick up with everyone’s favorite group of ghouls, but before that happens, the show will make the rounds at various award shows. In addition to Jones’ previous nomination for the Critics’ Choice Awards, the series is currently competing for two awards at this year’s TCA Awards: Outstanding New Program and Outstanding Achievement in Comedy.

The series also received a nomination for Jones at the Critics’ Choice Awards last year. It picked a tough year to be a new program though, as it comes up against a stacked set of first-year series. Some of these other first-year series include Only Murders in the Building, Abbott Elementary, Yellowjackets, Severance, and The White Lotus, amongst others.

Paramount Plus will serve as the exclusive streaming home for the upcoming second season of Ghosts. The popular streaming service reached an agreement with Lionsgate to add all previous and upcoming episodes of the hit comedy to its library beginning in the fall when the series will begin airing once again on CBS.

In addition to the series’ impressive performance on broadcast, it was also a huge hit when it was streamed on Paramount+, which made it an easy decision for the streamer to continue their partnership with the studio. On Thursday, September 29 at 8:30 p.m., the much-anticipated return of the television show Ghosts will take place.

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